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Iran Arrests The Leader of the US-Sponsored Tondar Terrorist Group

Jamshid Sharmahd Leader of US-Based anti-Iran Tondar Terrorist Group

Iranian security agencies managed to arrest Jamshid Sharmahd, the commander of a top US-sponsored terrorist group known as Tondar (Thunder), a very important catch of a notorious terror mastermind.

Tondar terrorist group was responsible for a number of terrorist attacks against targets inside Iran, most of them were foiled by the Iranian vigilant security and law enforcement agencies, but one stands out back in 2008 that targeted a religious congregation center Shiraz, the southern region of Iran, and left 14 worshipers killed and wounded 215 others.

Jamshid Sharmahd confessed to ‘providing the needed explosives to the attack’, as he said on Iranian news channels.

The ringleader added that he personally planned and directed the attack.

The terrorist was seen in previous televised remarks saying: “Do you know where is the FBI’s office, the same federal building, wherein we are present?” Implying close ties to the US’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, a top law enforcement agency known best to recruit terrorists within the USA and arrest them before they carry out their plots, and also known to its miserable failures in preventing series of attacks by terrorists on its watch list, including the Tsarnaev brothers responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013.

FBI planted extremist at a mosque to recruit Jihadists
Muslim worshipers reported an extremist to the FBI, turned out he’s one of their undercover agents!

Iranian Minister of Interior praised the delicate efforts carried out by Iranian security agencies in luring Sharmahd into the country from his base in the USA and arresting him in a complicated operation.

Javad Zarif, the charismatic Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, took to Twitter to slam the United States of America for harboring terrorists:

The west must cease financing and harboring terrorists. From their safe havens in US and Europe, they promote hatred, agitate & organize murder & mayhem, and shamelessly claim responsibility for the murder of innocent Iranian civilians.
Smokescreens can’t obscure this hypocrisy.

Despite its heinous terrorist attacks and a number of more serious but foiled terrorist attacks, Tandar is considered the lesser evil among terrorist groups sponsored by the enemies of the Iranian people, M.E.K. (Mujahedin-Khalq Organization) tops the list of these terrorist groups, the former hawkish US National Security Advisor John Bolton‘s ‘favorite group to rule Iran’, even the New York Times slammed him for their conference he attended and saw in them the future leaders of Iran, ‘even the New York Times!’

New York Times Criticize John Bolton anti Iran MEK Group
M.E.K.: The Group John Bolton Wants to Rule Iran – Click Here

This latest arrest exposes further the methods the USA, and its cronies, carry out to undermine the authorities of one of the dozens of sovereign countries on its hit list. It’s the same USA that waged its so-called ‘War on Terror’ that led to the creation of ISIS and the emboldening and empowering of its Al-Qaeda’s mother group and all their derivatives, while the US officials maintain the lie they are fighting terror as their guise to lead in the ‘War Of Terror’ against humanity.

It’s most likely Mr. Jamshid Sharmahd will face the capital punishment in Iran for his crimes, just like all other terrorists and spies caught by the Iranian authorities, but this will not stop many others brainwashed to follow his path with the massive funding and support the US and its cronies provide them.

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