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Injuries from a Booby-Trapped Bike in Damascus

Jala'a Stadium in Damascus, Syria

At least 3 persons were injured when a booby-trapped bike exploded in Mazzeh neighborhood in the Syrian capital Damascus yesterday Saturday 17 October 2015. Among the injured was a child.

The site of the explosion was near al-Jala’a Stadium in the heart of the upscale Mezzah neighborhood which remained relatively calm throughout the Syrian crisis except for some terrorists attacks like this one.

Jala'a Stadium in Damascus, Syria
Jala’a Stadium in Damascus, Syria

In April 2013 the ‘Moderate Rebels‘ then operating under the FSA umbrella targeted the Syrian prime minister Dr. Wael Halaqi with a powerful remote device planted in a car while his motorcade was passing by. He escaped with light injuries, but at least 8 were killed and 16 others injured from the powerful explosion.

Resorting to these types of attacks come only from Western backed radical terrorists and emerge wherever the US regime exports its style of democracy, mainly like in Iraq, Afghanistan where there’s large US troops presence. Terrorists plant explosive devices in any type of bodies that don’t draw suspicion and detonate it by remote control devices or by touching by people to cause maximum casualties. The Israeli forces used to plant explosives in pens and toys and leave it in towns in southern Lebanon during their ‘activities’ there, of course all are paid for by the willing western taxpayers.

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