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Information on Belgian-Made Weapons Used by Terrorists in Syria Ignite Controversy in Belgium

Feb 08, 2013

BRUSSLES -Confirmed information that the armed terrorist groups in Syria posses Belgian-made weapons of various types have ignited controversy in Belgium.

According to a report published by La Liber Belgique newspaper on Friday, Belgian MPs pointed to confirmed information that Belgium allowed the selling of arms to countries, including the UAE and Qatar which resold them to the Syrian militants.

The Belgian Foreign Minister, Didier Reynders, did not deny the information, attempting instead to justify them that the weapons were sold to Qatar and the UAE twenty years before any Belgian legislation that prohibits the selling of weapons to a country that re-exports them was issued.

Sources indicate that the armed opposition militants are training to use Belgian-made weapons and firearms as shown by footages from areas in Damascus suburbs, according to the Belgian Le Soir newspaper.

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