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dutch intelligence scores of dutch citizens fighting in syria

Feb 08, 2013

THE HAGUE, (SANA)_In a new evidence of foreign countries’ involvement in the events in Syria, General Intelligence and Security Service chief Rob Bertholee warned that scores of Dutch nationals are fighting alongside the ”rebels” in Syria and could return home more radicalized.

AP quoted Bertholee as saying in a statement late last night that ”The number of Dutch nationals heading to Syria is growing fast,” adding he is concerned about their return to their country after fighting alongside radical Islamic rebels in Syria.

“Hundreds of people from around Europe and dozens from the Netherlands have travelled to Syria to join rebels fighting what they see as a holy war, or jihad, to oust President Bashar Assad,” he added.

Bertholee blamed the propaganda romanticizing the events in Syria for drawing increasing numbers of foreigners into travelling to Syria.


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