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Idlib, Syria: The War on the NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda Update

US-led NATO-sponsored Ansar Tawhid ISIS remnants - Idlib

The war on the US-led NATO-sponsored al Qaeda and ISIS terrorism in the northwestern Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Latakia, Hama, and Idlib, the de facto Al Qaeda Levant capital continues around the hour, NATO escalated its attacks on the Syrian people. The Syrian Arab Army and their allies are retaliating.

Since our last update on early Sunday 17 September (Syria’s local time), there have been a series of large attacks by the NATO Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists (Nusra Front, HTS) against the posts of the Syrian Arab Army, one of those attacks resulted in the martyrdom of Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers.

Here are the chronological updates on the war on the terrorists sponsored by NATO, the “defensive” alliance, since our last report. These updates cover the period from early September 17 to the evening of September 18, the last update we received from the northwest front:

17 September 2023,
00:05 am, Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units operating in the southern Idlib countryside bomb Al Qaeda Levant (Nusra Front) in the Al Zawya Mountain axis and northern Latakia countryside with MRLs grad missiles and heavy artillery.

09:30 am, SAA units resume bombing Nusra Front terrorists on the outskirts of Al Fatirah town in the Al Zawya Mountain in southern Idlib countryside, and on the outskirts of Maarat Naasan in the northern Idlib countryside, and the Nusra Front posts on the outskirts of Kafr Nouran town in the western countryside of Aleppo with heavy artillery and MRLs grad missiles.

11:25 am, SAA units bomb with heavy artillery Nusra Front posts in the Al Ruweiha axis in the eastern Al Zawya Mountain in the southern Idlib countryside.

11:25 am, along with targeting Al Qaeda Levant (Nusra Front) terrorists in the Al Ruweiah axis, the SAA units bombed with heavy artillery the posts of Ansar Tawhid (the Obama-created ISIS remnants) on the Al Zawya Mountain in southern Idlib countryside.

01:00 pm, SAA heavy artillery units bomb Nusra Front posts and gatherings on the outskirts of the town of Afis in the eastern Idlib countryside, and in the Al Zawaya Mountain in the southern Idlib countryside.

08:20 pm, SAA units bomb with artillery and missiles the posts of the Nusra Front on the outskirts of the towns of Kafr Ammah and Kafr Ta’al in the western Aleppo countryside, and on the outskirts of the towns of Al Fatirah, Kansafrah, and Flaifil in the Al Zawya Mountain axes in southern Idlib countryside.

10:40 pm, SAA heavy artillery, and MRLs grad missiles bomb the posts and gatherings of Ansar Tawhid (ISIS remnants) on the outskirts of Al Fatirah and Kansafrah towns in the Al Zawya Mountain in southern Idlib countryside.

18 September 2023,
Propagandists of the Nusra Front and Ansar Tawhid started to publish obituary posts for some of their killed terrorists on the southern Idlib countryside front on social media.

00:20 am, at least 10 of the Ansar Tawhid (ISIS remnants) were confirmed killed in the bombing of their posts in the Al Zawya Mountain in the southern Idlib countryside by the Syrian Arab Army artillery and missiles.

01:30 am, 6 commanders of Ansar Tawhid (ISIS remnants) were confirmed killed in the SAA heavy artillery bombing of their command post on the outskirts of the village of Sufuhun in the Al Zawya Mountain in southern Idlib countryside.

06:20 pm, SAA units bomb with intensified heavy artillery and MRLs grad missiles a fortified post of Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant aka HTS) in the Al Ghab Plains in the northern Hama countryside, and one of their gatherings in the vicinity of Al Fatirah town in the Al Zawya Mountain in southern Idlib countryside.

The operations of Ansar Tawhid (ISIS remnants) and Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant) in southern Idlib near the illegal bases of the NATO Turkish Army prove that these three forces are working together. This includes the Turkish Army (NATO’s second-largest army,) al-Qaeda, and ISIS.

It is obvious that they are receiving their instructions from the same military command center. This allows them to avoid friendly fire and to target the Syrian Arab Army more effectively. The coordinates of the Syrian Arab Army must be collected by live satellite and electronic warfare. The US Army and the British MI6 base in Cyprus are providing these capabilities.

Everything you were told about the US-led NATO’s war on terror and that NATO is a defensive alliance has been proven to be the total opposite in the Syria Chapter of the war on humanity led by those ruling the United States of America since political Zionism took over that country.

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  2. Liz

    Both psychopathic and a pathological liar
    Biden Sends Bruising Message to Russia at the U.N.
    On Tuesday, he issued a defense of American leadership abroad and reiterated U.S. support for Ukraine during a high-profile speech

  3. Liz

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  4. Liz

    In the story of the Wizard of Oz; the house that fell on the wicked witch of the East(European Mafia) represented the House of Lords (UK) and the US Congress, which includes the House of Representatives; so when the white witch of the north shows up and explains that the wicked witch of the west is much worse than than the witch of the east ever was; she’s setting up a whole story about flying monkeys(a term used in psychology). The tin man represents armies; the lion a gullible populous; and the scarecrow, mass media. Why is that important? I’ll probably be apprehended any moment now.

  5. Liz

    This is what America and much of Europe has become, flying monkeys, serving wicked witches; and I in their minds must be Dorothy;
    “The provision of the Constitution giving the war-making powers to Congress, was dictated, as I understand it, by the following reasons,” a young first-term Congressman named Abraham Lincoln wrote in 1848 during America’s War with Mexico. “Kings had always been involving and impoverishing their people in wars, pretending generally, if not always, that the good of the people was the object. This, our [Constitutional] Convention understood to be the most oppressive of all Kingly oppressions and they resolved to so frame the Constitution that no one man should hold the power of bringing this oppression upon us.”

  6. Liz

    Considering the symbolism of the scarecrow, in the Wizard of Oz, take into account, this as well;
    the symbolism of crow vs. raven, the British/Irish culture often portrays the crow as a symbol of death or war. For example, in a classic folk song written by British songwriter Sydney Carter called The Crow on the Cradle, he utilizes the crow as a character to prophesize the impending doom of war, as demonstrated in the following two verses:
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  7. Liz

    Just so that you know, I’m not really speaking to Syrians but, rather to their allies and enemies; the articles that the link leads to concerns why we have murders and wars, and all that ugly other stuff that humans do, or at least a good part of it; and unless our species stamps out this pathogen or makes us immune to it, we will all go extinct.


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