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Humanitarian Aid Convoys Arrive at Deir Ezzor

image-Syrian Red Crescent and Russian Aid Convoy arrive at Der Ezzor

Humanitarian aid convoys sent by the Syrian government to the city of Der Ezzor are arriving to relieve the people of the city after almost 1000 days of the siege imposed on them by US sponsored ISIS terrorists.

Aid convoys from the Syrian Red Crescent, the Russian Federation, Syrian ministries of health, education and social securities are arriving to the city continuously after 3 years of dropping aid from the air by the Syrian Arab Army to the besieged residents. Terrorists from ISIS organization have tightened the siege on the city reducing the air-borne supplies after they managed to take control of Thardeh Mountain with the help of the US Air Force last September 2016 when US Air Forces acted as ISIS air forces and bombed Syrian Arab Army positions on the strategic mountain that oversees the military airport in the city.

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies with the support of the Russian Air Forces managed to break the siege and reached the 137 SAA regiment garrisons who were protecting the city and just yesterday night the SAA reached the garrisons of the military airport in Der Ezzor to assist in completely breaking the siege soon and eliminating the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists positioned in the area.

Syrian Ministry of Education sent also its shipment of education material and instructed the teachers in the city to resume the school classes immediately.

Russian Ministry of Defense exposed they hypocrisy of the humanitarian bastards in the West in a statement by its spokesperson Igor Konashenkov: “Not a single offer of humanitarian aid received from European and international humanitarian organizations since Der Ezzor siege lifted. Such passivity and slowness makes one think they are only worried about humanitarian situation in regions controlled by terrorists. This highlights false commitment of the leading European capitals to provide real aid to the Syrian population”.

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