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Huge Explosion in Al-Quds, Israel Bombs Syria, Syria Bombs Israel, Israel Stunned

Explosion in Al Quds, Israel Bombs Syria, Syria Bombs Israel

A huge explosion in the occupied Palestinian capital Al-Quds (Jerusalem) took place in the afternoon, half a day later Israel bombs targets near Damascus, Syria retaliates by bombing near Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor not from the borders with Egypt, Israel bombs again near Damascus wounding 4 Syrian Army soldiers and issues all conflicting reports, Israelis are stunned.

The massive explosion was in a company linked to the Israeli war ministry that Israeli officials claimed was a controlled explosion which neither the company nor the Israeli officials bothered to inform their public about who obviously panicked.

What could be more plausible is an Iranian retaliation avenging numerous Israel sabotaging and assassinations against the Iranian nuclear program hurting Israel where it’s trying to make some advances to catch up with the successful Iranian satellite launching project, especially that Israel is copying a ready satellite missile.

The videos is also on YouTube and BitChute.

‘Mr. Security’, this is what the embattled Israeli PM Netanyahu calls himself, wants a cover-up for this incident, Israel’s own media not buying the story of acontrolled explosion’; imagine what the other side thinks of it.

At 1:38 am, Israel fired missiles from over the occupied Syrian Golan towards some targets near the Syrian capital Damascus. Syrian Army’s air defense units shot down most of the incoming missiles, 4 Syrian Army soldiers were wounded and the bombing caused material damage, a Syrian military spokesperson stated to SANA.

Syria fired a missile that evaded all of Israel’s defenses from the north to the south and landed near the Israeli ‘secretive’ nuclear reactor in Dimona, and yes, Israel has a military nuclear program which it sentenced its own scientist who exposed it for a lengthy-term in prison but that didn’t cause the international nuclear watchdog or the UNSC to bother themselves to inspect, Israel is part of the NATO and stooges alliance dominating the UNSC.

The Syrian missile blew up in a target about 30 kilometers from the Dimona reactor, most observers see this as a message to Israel especially that Russia had already warned Israel that Syria may lose patience toward the Israeli attacks.

After that silence, Israel stunned, new rules of engagement are established.

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    If I had the youth, I would be on my way to fight with Syria by tomorrow. I’m 81 years young.

    I have been waiting for Assad to throw his FIST.

  2. Greg Casey

    Just like FreeSpirit and JD above I also would go to Syria. Unfortunatelyl I’m 61 and suffering a physical disability so I’m not sure what I could do but I’m sure even I could assist the Syrian People as they collectively seek to life the US+UK+Israeli+Turk+EU Siege.

    • Arabi Souri

      Thank you Greg and FREESPIRIT for the comments and your support. You guys can help us spread the message among your friends, share the posts, you’ll find plenty of documentations exposing the criminality of western governments and their regional stooges against our country so their elite politicians make more money and their weapons makers make much more and their bankers make much much more, also sharing our posts would help us continue our message online, maybe some of those who read the posts you share with them might chip in much needed donations, any amount helps.


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