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Syrian Infant Killed in a Fire in a Refugees Camp in North of Lebanon

Fire in Syrian refugees camp in Lebanon kills infant

An infant was killed in a fire that broke out in ten tents inside a camp for displaced Syrians in Hanin, Al-Manniyah-Al-Daneh, north of Tripoli in the north of Lebanon.

The Lebanese Civil Defense reporting the incident in today’s afternoon did not elaborate on the cause of the fire, there were previous incidents of Lebanese terrorists setting refugees’ tents on fire in Lebanon.

Alaa Murad Al-Ahmad is the name of the 1.5 years old infant killed in this fire in addition to numerous other refugees who sustained light burns, the Lebanese official media outlet NNA reported.

The tents provided to the displaced Syrian refugees in Lebanon are not better than those given to the displaced Syrian refugees in the other neighboring countries, as if those countries who helped sponsor and smuggle terrorists and their weapons into Syria through the shared borders have a special hatred against the Syrian people who hosted and helped each of them when they were in need and never placed their refugees in tents or forced them to work underpaid in miserable conditions or protested violently against them, on the contrary, the Syrian people welcomed all refugees from wherever they were oppressed and treated them with the highest level of dignity.

A previous fire in the tents in this same refugee camp was deliberately set by Lebanese terrorists on the 28th of December last year, many of the refugees suffered different burn wounds and hundreds of the refugees in this camp were left in the open without shelter in the coldest days of winter.

Worth noting that the official US policy which is imposed on its puppet regimes in the region and in the EU is to prevent the return of the Syrian refugees to their home country in continuation to the US policy of displacing the Syrians from their homes in the first place in its war of terror and war of attrition it wages against the Syrian people along with its stooges in the European Union, Turkish regime, and the Gulfies, and through their pressure on their agents in the Lebanese government and the Jordanian regime.

In November of last year, 2020, the United States of America exerted maximum pressure on all parties involved to boycott an international conference on the return of the Syrian refugees in Damascus including on the United Nations itself which downgraded its participation in the conference to an observer level. That much is the hypocrisy of the US officials and their minions when they push for ‘humanitarian interventions’ around the world and especially in countries that do not recognize their mini-USA called Israel.

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