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Tanker Opposite Syrian Coast that Caught Fire is not Iranian Carrying Oil

Tanker caught fire opposite the Syrian coast

The tanker that caught fire opposite the Syrian coast yesterday is not one of the three Iranian tankers delivering oil to Syria, Iranian semi-government media channel Tasnim stated.

The media channel added that the incident occurred on another ship near the said Iranian tankers.

Reports of a fire and material damage caused to a ship opposite the Syrian coastal city of Baniyas earlier in the day attributed the cause to an attack by a drone coming from the Lebanese territorial waters in the south, the Syrian news agency SANA did not confirm this is the case, however, it kept it as a theory for the cause of the damage, especially that the damage was in two places on the targeted ship, on its front hull and on its deck, the latter was more serious.

Lebanese Al Mayadeen news channel also said in initial reports that the targeted ship was an Iranian tanker and was likely hit by an Israeli drone.

Al Mayadeen reporter in Syria later quoted official sources saying: ‘The explosion on an oil tanker off the coast of the Syrian city of Baniyas was caused by a mistake during the process of repairing one of the balance tanks that fill with water to impose balance in the tanker during the process of unloading crude oil at sea, one of them exploded and a fire broke out killing three workers.’

Accusations that Israel is behind such incidents are basically in place based on the previous attacks being the preferrable Israeli method for achieving its goals, the anti-Jewish Zionist entity named Israel started a tankers war with Iran in the last couple of months, its patrons the USA and the UK also targeted Iranian ships delivering oil to Syria which the Syrian government is trying to compensate for its shortage of oil by importing from Iran while the Obama/ Trump/ Biden consecutive regimes steal Syrian oil and wheat and smuggle them with the help of its Kurdish and ISIS terrorists from Syria to Turkey and Iraq, much of the oil stolen by Trump and Biden’s forces end up in Israel!

Israel started attacking ships long ago when it bombed the USS Liberty navy ship on the 8th of June 1967 killing 9 US crew members of the ship and injuring 60 others including the ship’s Captain William L. McGonagle, in addition to heavy material damage. Israel attacked the 3 lifeboats deployed by the US navy ship sailing in international waters, a clear violation of international law, raising the number of US servicemen killed by Israel to 34 and leaving 171 wounded during the two-hour attack. Israel, for some reason, was rewarded for this heinous attack ever since by the US consecutive regimes, the families of the dead and those injured were left bewildered, until this date, so are we as foreign observers.

The very existence of Israel as an ever-growing cancerous foreign entity in the region causes tensions in the entire region and way beyond, thus the accusation of its role behind yesterday’s incident does not come out of context, since the first Jewish terrorist groups of the Haganah, Irgun, Stern came to existence in Palestine, terror settled in this region, the leaders of those groups would later become prime ministers of Israel!

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