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How Syrian President Assad Shredded US Led Coalition?

image- Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad

Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad blew up the cover off the hypocrite Humanitarian Bastards in the West and their regional stooges exposing their real support to terror and setting the priorities for the Syrian people.

In a recent interview with Czech TV Dr. Assad stated the situation in Syria will become better in a few months when the countries sponsoring terror will cease to support it after which the comprehensive peace will be achieved.

image- Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad
Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad

‘When France, UK, USA, Saudi, Qatar and some other countries supporting terrorists stop their support, the situation will change the very next day and things will be better in few months and there will be comprehensive peace in Syria, and that’s a certain.’ Dr. Assad added.

Syrian president confirmed that Syrians won’t accept a peace conference to be held in France because the latter sponsors terror and war and doesn’t profess peace. But would accept such a conference to be held in Prague because of the balanced position of Czech Republic towards the Syrian crisis.

President Assad cast doubts towards the attempts of the French president Francoise Hollande to form a wider coalition against terror, saying: ‘If they wanted to learn from what happened recently in Paris, why they didn’t learn from the attack that happened on Charlie Hebdo magazine?’

Assad: Erdogan’s downing of Russian SU-24 shows his madness

The Syrian president considered that Turkish downing of Russian bomber over Syrian territories will not affect the peace process, ‘but I believe this has showed how much the Turkish president Erdogan continues in his madness, we can say he lost his mind because the Russian intervention has changed the powers balance on the ground, thus, Erdogan’s failure in Syria and his terrorist groups failure would mean the end of his political life’.

‘There will be no retreat and the war on terror will continue, the supporting Russian contribution will be stronger (after the downing of the SU-24 bomber), whether he (Erdogan) would do it again this way or another’. Dr. Assad said.

Against the anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorist ideology being pushed onto our region, the Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad confirmed that the most valuable thing he is protecting in Syria is ‘secularism, because Syria is a one crucible that all ethnic and sectarian groups melt in’, ‘without secularism there won’t be an existence of Syria as been known to the world for centuries’.

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  1. Sudipto

    US is the proverbial dog of Pavlov who uncontrollably starts barking, wagging and salivating at the sight of oil.
    The entire Oil route that US and EU propos as their wet dream becomes a pipe dream if Syria, Yemen, Libya, Egypt do not all simultaneously fall in line. Thus comes Boko Haram in Nigeria, the “out of the blue” Houthi rebellion in Yemen, the sudden “threat” of Muammar Gaddafi, the need of Egypt’s “Arab Spring” uprising, and the creation of a “demon” in the form of one of the best leaders of the world- Bashar-Al-Assad.

    President Assad should air-drop all sorts of coveted currencies (in the least denominations) in the rebel held areas. If you throw a carcass among wild beasts, it is amazing to see how they will first fight among themselves, and run away from each other once they manage a bite of it. (Just drop innumerable cents and shillings). Just give it a try. Long live the President and his people.


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