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Putin: Let’s Remove Erdogan As the Best Solution!

image- putin erdogan obama

A joke circulating in the world of activists in Russia, Syria and other normal countries about the latest events involving Russian president Vladimir Putin, US president Barack Hussein Obama, Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad and the Turkish lunatic Caliph Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the joke if turns into reality can solve most of the problems in the Middle East and maybe in the MENA world.

If this would be implemented, it might even avoid the world heading directly towards a the Third World War WWIII.

image- putin erdogan obama
Putin, Erdogan and Obama

The joke: A US nasty journalist asks Russian president Putin: – Is it true that Obama asked you to remove Assad from ruling Syria?
Putin Responds: Assad also asked me to remove Obama from ruling in the USA!
The US journalist: What is your opinion?
Putin: – I suggest we remove Erdogan from ruling in Turkey as a middle solution.

End of joke, or is it a joke and not a very much needed solution for most of the current problems we face? The Kurds would be very happy; the majority of mainstream Muslims around the world would be happy with this fanatic anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood ‘Tool in the hands of Zionists’ as Erdogan’s own mentor Necmettin Erbakan once put it.

The Turks themselves who reinstated this lunatic for no clear reason would realize it would be in their very own interests to do what their Egyptians fellows did when over 30 million Egyptians took to the streets and removed Morsi, the photocopy Muslim Brotherhood ruler of Egypt from the presidential palace then his fate was in prison where this cult belongs.

Syrians will see a faster resolve to their ongoing crisis with the main father of terror out of the way.

image- assad putin
Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad and Russian president Vladimir Putin

Even as far as Chinese would be happy without the incitement of Turkish intelligence of the Chinese Muslim community against their own country and the recruiting of terrorists from the poorer Uyghur youths would cease or at least be less effective from now.

But there would be a problem that presses against this solution and that is why the whole region is facing all this horror: Israel and its copies: Saudi Arabia and ISIS, the 3 stateless religious fanatic ‘states’ would be upset and would hinder this process and the killing and horror continues.

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  1. Unbiased Observer

    No idea why Mr. Erdogan is not yet in the International Court for the crimes he committed against the Syrian, Iraqi and even his own people..? Maybe he needs a push to go there? Or he’s still useful for his masters? Time will tell.

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