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Syria News Channel Visits Russian Navy Cruiser Moskva

image- Russian Navy Cruiser Moskva

Syrian News Channel Ikhbariya paid a virtual visit to the terrifying Russian navy cruiser Moscow/ aka Moskva, the commander of the Baltic Sea fleet as it sailed towards the Syrian waters after the stupid Turkish president Erdogan blew up his last cover in sponsoring ISIS terrorists.

With the foolish act downing the Russian SU-24 bomber, the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan left no space for any doubt of his criminal involvement sponsoring the world’s most horrific terrorist organization ISIS. Russians are now exposing his role in supporting ISIS with men, arms and buying stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil from them.

image- Russian Navy Cruiser Moskva
Russian Navy Cruiser Moskva

Russians decided to expose what’s left unknown to public of the Turkish government and its top officials in the Syrian and Iraqi crises and after the Turkish -read NATO – jets acting as ISIS jets and attacking Russian jets on announced missions against ISIS, the Russians sent additional forces to protect their own and to make sure the mission will be accomplished in defeating ISIS.

The following virtual video clip by al-Ikhbariya Syrian News Channel gives an idea who came to the assistance in the war against terror and its sponsors:

The game is now played above the table and the mule will remain a mule. Erdogan has 1 of 2 options: quit and hand himself over with his son and his closest allies in his regime to the International Criminal Court, or drag the region to a major confrontation that would lead to a World War. We believe the stubborn proven foolish unstable person will choose the dangerous choice and will pursue his dream of becoming a Caliph over anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists, his base, and establish a Wahhabi Caliphate NATO doctrine that would serve the Zionists in their New World Order thinking they’ll reward him with the Caliph title.

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