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Housing Projects Construction Continue in Syria

image- Construction of Block 26 New Cham, Damascus by Military Housing Establishment public corporation

While some countries spend millions of dollars on media to exaggerate the status of their semi-owned fully sponsored housing development companies, others work in silent and achieve wonders. In Syria, against all odds, the development has never stopped.

Military Housing Establishment, one of Syria’s pride multi-discipline public companies, have accomplished the first phase of Block 26 in New Cham Expansion district. The base of a residential tower of 5000 cubic meters have been completed within 2 months in a 3 billion Syrian Liras contract (approx. $10 million).

image- Construction of Block 26 New Cham, Damascus by Military Housing Establishment public corporation
Construction of Block 26 New Cham, Damascus by Military Housing Establishment public corporation

Mr. Muhammad Sammoua, Manager of Branch 802 Military Housing Establishment, confirmed that the first phase has been accomplished in a record time stating that Block 26 comprises of 4 towers each would be of 18 stories of 71,000 square meters built up area. 53,000 square meters net residential area making 232 residential apartments.

The establishment has to complete building the towers on skeleton wihtin 3 years as per the contract, however, the project managers want to complete it within 2 years working day and night, as per Mr. Sammoua. He added that in spite of the excavations were very hard, the 250,000 square meters built within the span of 2 months are of the latest and most advanced construction standards in isolation, earthquake and storms resistance. (Source: al-Iqtisadi)

Military Housing Establishment, one of Syria’s many establishment under Western illegal sanctions for providing the Syrian people the essential needs, proves the war against terror is fought in Syria by Syrians on all fronts and unlike Western countries when confronted with terror attacks, Syria has not retaliated by bombing or plotting to attack any nation outside its borders, not even against countries working overtly to destroy Syria sponsoring terrorist groups and undermining its economy, knowing very sure that if a small terrorist group of cavemen can cause the damage 9/11 has done to the USA, a country can do much more.

Western citizens should recognize and respect the Syrians and be grateful for the sacrifices the Syrian people are enduring due to the aggressive criminal policies of Western politicians and officials, and the fact that Syrians has decided to terminate terror threats within the country and not go after terror bases in countries sponsoring it. Unfortunately, the US presidential candidates vow to discriminate against Syrian refugees fleeing the terror imposed on them in their country by terrorist organizations sponsored by US itself, and heads of NATO member states wants to bomb more in Syria, instead of simply stopping to sponsor terrorist groups attacking Syrians interests!

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  1. Stefan Heuer

    The west often ignores the most simple, plain facts. In this case: Syria is a homeland to the Syrians. Syrians won’t simply leave their homeland, especially in times the homeland is under attack. Those who leave are heading for welfare-cookies in Germany and an easy life. Reconstruction therefor means: giving future to the people who stay, who resist the evil, who defend the nation. To quote Mr. Waleed al-Moallem: “THIS is Syria!”. God’s blessings to the cradle of civilization.


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