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Hezb Allah and Israeli IDF are Killing Israeli Soldiers and Settlers!

Lebanese Hezb Allah fighter blows up two Israeli IDF commanders in northern Palestine

Panicking and terrified Israelis after the humiliating defeat of their IDF ‘soldiers’ in the south by a few hundred Palestinian fighters from Gaza inflicting heavy casualties among them and arresting dozens of them within a couple of hours only has spread to the settlers and IDF personnel in the north at the borders with Lebanon who started fighting imaginary wars that led to infighting between the IDF ‘soldiers’ and the Zionist Israeli settlers.

Southern Lebanon – Occupied Northern Palestine 11 October 2023

After imagining an attack by Hezb Allah storming several Israeli illegal settlements in the occupied northern Palestine, the Israelis bombed a Hezb Allah post in southern Lebanon killing two of its soldiers, Hezb Allah retaliated and killed Israeli soldiers, two confirmed with footage and others did not leave their armored vehicle which was destroyed by a guided missile.

The following report by the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news channel describes the status of the Israelis and the latest developments in the north of occupied Palestine:

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

Squadrons of drones,
Armed clashes between occupation soldiers and the killing of settlers at the hands of Israeli soldiers,
Then, miraculously, the occupation army comes out and announces false alarms, sometimes due to a cyber attack and sometimes due to a technical glitch or a mistaken clash, it no longer differentiates between the Resistance men and its soldiers inside the settlements, declaring that there is no security incident on the northern front. Is this hysteria or confusion?

As if afraid of its own shadow, Israel awaits any step from the Islamic Resistance – Hezb Allah across the northern front on the border with Lebanon, all of this is happening while Hezb Allah’s calm and ambiguity have reached the extreme limits.

Fake confrontations created by the occupation’s imagination, show the extent of the (Zionist) entity’s confusion on the northern front, the ignition scenario of which is present from the first hours of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, and which is what worries the occupation most, according to Israeli media.

Out of the confusion of the occupying army, it imagined that Hezb Allah Resistance fighters had crossed the border fence, so it opened fire on Lebanese towns to create a security incident that would break the suspicious silence as if it was hastening the attack to end its nightmare.

Among its media and leaders, narratives are conflicting and do not settle on a known constant after they experienced a psychological war conducted by Hezb Allah with all experience, and its silence is eloquent.

These are all developments that prompted the (Israeli) cabinet to hold a sudden meeting and form an emergency ‘government’ to deal with the state of field and psychological war that Israel is experiencing, but what happened, whether it was an illusion or planned, confirmed the fragility of an army that was once said to be invincible and that it had become unable to protect itself even in any unreal confrontation.

End of the transcript.

To reduce its tensions, divert the attention from its consecutive humiliating failures and its latest systematic unprecedented war crimes against the people of Gaza, and at the same time to help its proxy Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in the northwestern Syrian provinces of Idlib, Aleppo, and Latakia, Israel with the help of its US sponsors bombed the runways of Damascus and Aleppo International Airports, new war crimes added to the record of Israel, the anti-Jewish Zionist illegal entity acting as the fading Western empire’s forefront terrorist front.

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  1. Safa Syria

    Israel kills Israel

    Al-Qassam Brigades announces the killing of 13 prisoners of battle, including foreigners, in the intensive Zionist bombardment of the North and Gaza governorates during the past 24 hours, where 6 of them were killed in the North Governorate in two separate places and 7 in Gaza Governorate in 3 different places affected by the barbaric enemy shelling..


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