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GRAPHIC: Saudi and NATO Aggression Kills and Maims Yemeni Children

Saudi aggression kills and injures Yemen children - العدوان السعودي على اليمن يقتل ويشوه أطفال اليمن

Saudi Arabia, the world’s richest country continues its absurd aggression on Yemen, one of the poorest Arab countries, for the 7th year scoring already thousands of casualties mostly among the most vulnerable, the children, elderly, and women, bombing its southern neighboring and supposedly brethren country by all kinds and sizes of missiles and bombs provided to it by its NATO sponsors.

The following short but profound report by the Lebanese Al Maydeen news station highlights the suffering of 4 little children from the same family who received the gifts from the Saudis in a shape of a bomb that fell on a site on their way to their school, the four have been suffering from burns and scars mainly on their faces deforming their beautiful faces and some turned into cancerous tumors, GRAPHIC contents included:

The video is also available on BitChute.


Their faces are the mirror of the truth, reflecting the violations of the Saudi aggression on Yemen and revealing its absurdity.

Little children, tell the world who has distorted the face of the moon and erased its colors, and quenched the glimmer of innocence in its eyes.

Do not hide your faces and tell us who burned your childhood and left you with sickness and war scars?

Nasser, Muhammad, Abeer, and Amna, four children from one family, in 2015 while they were going to school, a Saudi raid targeted a site near their home in Kitaf city in Saada governorate, since that time they are in isolation from the world.

4 children were diagnosed with cancer after a Saudi raid

We were on our way to school,
I studied for five days and then took a break.

For 7 years, these youngsters have been paying the bill of aggression from their ages, they have been deprived of playing, studying, and their most basic rights, even treatment has become an unattainable wish, as the Saudi blockade has closed the outlets for healing.

The blockade prevents children from being treated abroad

Matar Al-Humaimi, father of the injured children: At the beginning of the aggression, approximately in the third month, they were bombed. They had marks on their faces and then caused tumors.

Now, there’s a blockade, we don’t know where to go. The airport is closed. The (international) organizations have not helped me with anything.

Your crying is louder than any words, so raise your head, O Muhammad, so that the world can see the effects of aggression, and do not be ashamed, for you and your siblings are the most beautiful, purest, and strongest, and war is cancer.

End of the transcript.

Every country in the world is an accomplice in this ongoing war crime, the countries that provide the Saudis with the killing tools, political cover, the USA and Britain help them directly on the ground and there are many confirmed reports of Israeli direct involvement in this heinous war, and the countries that are silent about this genocide. The United Nations and its NATO-dominated permanent members of the USA, the UK, and France remain the biggest culprit.

In addition to the direct bombing, the Saudis with the help of their NATO sponsors have imposed a complete blockade on Yemen, similar to the one imposed by Israel on Gaza, preventing any imports into the country including imports of food and medicine, the little allowed in are allowed as parts of PR stunts and are widely circulated by western mainstream media and other Saudi-funded publications. Yet, the Saudis always cry when the Yemenis manage to fire back at them with their homemade missiles, the Saudis flood all the international stages with their tears about their pride’s hurt being bombed back by the people of the poorest country in the region, just like the Israelis as if they attended the same US PR school.

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