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FSA Shelling Suweida and Daraa Cities Inflicting Casualties Among Civilians

image-Daraa City FSA Nusra Front Shelling Residential Neighborhoods

Terrorists from the US-sponsored FSA organization are currently shelling the residential neighborhoods in Suewida city south of Syria after a night of shelling neighborhoods in Daraa city.

FSA terrorists, of whatever branch they call themselves, are using missiles to fire at the civilians in Suweida city from their bases in Daraa’s eastern countryside.

A child has been killed and a civilian injured in another shelling of Sahhari, the Airport, Kashif and northern neighborhoods of Daraa city by the Nusra Front terrorists, a branch of the FSA with links more obvious to the CIA’s al-Qaeda. The shelling started shortly after midnight.

The martyred child was 7 years old and announced dead upon arrival to Daraa National Hospital from a shrapnel that hit her in her house in the Airport District. The same shelling injured another civilian with multiple wounds.

The United States of America, the main sponsor of terrorist organizations in the region, has threatened the Syrian state from any military action against its terrorists operating in the southwest of Syria near the Golan Heights. Those terrorists are taking advantage of the US cover, however, with or without their US cover, the Syrian Arab Army is determined on cleaning that whole area as well, sooner and not later.

The SAA has already fired back against the FSA-Nusra Front positions in Daraa Balad and Naziheen districts inflicting direct losses among the terrorists.

The US-led coalition operating as the air force of ISIS terrorists in the Eastern parts of Syria carried out an air raid early yesterday against an SAA position that hosted Iraqi PMU fighters killing scores of the fighters known mostly for their heroic victories over ISIS terrorists. Israel, a main member of the US atrocities in the region, is announced to be behind the attack as we reported yesterday.

What the regime of Donal Trump is trying to do is exert pressure on the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in different parts of Syria to prevent the cleaning of the southwest of the country from the other terrorists which is terrifying Israel, which in turn was happy having ISIS protect its northern front from the SAA and its allies for the past few years.

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