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FSA Beating Activists

Those who believed in the “Syrian revolution” are having a rude awakening. Activist Abu Maryam is one of those. While the activist was distributing food in Bustan AlQaser – Aleppo he got an eyeful of the promised freedom.

He saw Luaa Al-Fateh emptying shops, after asking them what were they doing, the FSA group answered with the typical “the owner is a Shabih”. Abu Maryam would have gone on his way had he not learned from the locals that the owner was a spotless man. So, he tried to stop the “rebels” thinking that he could convince them with reason; after all, he’s a supporter of the “revolution”.

The “rebels” not only haven’t listened, but they beat him up with their guns, insulted him & dragged him in the street.

Video of the activist after the friendly encounter:
(Video was removed by the biased YouTube)

This is hardly the first incident where FSA beat up or even kill activists who refused to turn a blind eye on their crimes. Activist Abd Allah Yaseen (photo) was killed recently after having a disagreement with an FSA leader.


– The above information was posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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