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Erdogan Thugs Replacing SDF Terror Attacks in Northern Syria, and Adding to Them

On the day that President Assad traveled to al Hobait, Idlib, to address the troops, Ottoman caliph wannabe Erdogan was in Sochi, meeting with President Putin who thought some sense could be brought to bear on the terrorist supporter. Though Turkey’s aerial bombing of Syria has stopped, the Erdogan squadristi have picked up where the dissolving SDF abruptly left off, in northern Syria.

One day later, a van packed with explosives was remotely detonated in Qamishli, near the Telecommunications Center. Unlike the similar attack by the SDF in nearby Qahtaniyah on 7 August, there were no fatalities.

Also on Tuesday, a motorbike bomb was detonated in al Shadai City, injuring an undisclosed number of civilians. The bike was parked near the al Kabeer Mosque. In July, a car bomb targeted the Virgin Mary Church in Qamishli, then under the occupation of the US’ SDF armed terrorists.

Syriac Qamishli Church Explosion - Syria

On 24 October, Syrian citizens held popular protests against Erdogan regime occupiers, in the countryside of Ras al-Ayn demanding to be allowed to return to their homes. In this short period, Turkish troops and their assorted terrorists/mercenaries have ‘expropriated’ and looted homes of dozens of people. In August and September, the Syrian locals were protesting against the SDF thieves and killers.

Four people were injured when a car bomb was detonated near the old Cultural Center in Tal Abyiad, northern Raqqa countryside, 24 October. The Erdogan regime has occupied Tal Abyiad since 13 October, and along with its takfiri mercenaries, has shelled its many neighborhoods — displacing many of the locals — and has destroyed much of its essential infrastructure.

Syria and Russia [sic] issued a joint statement on the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the Turkish aggression, on 24 October. From SANA:

The Russian and Syrian Coordination committees for the Return of Refugees said that the Turkish aggression on north-eastern regions of Syria warns of a humanitarian catastrophe and an economic crisis for the families there.

“Returning the situation to normal in those regions requires re-establishment of control on al-Jazeera by the State,” A joint statement by the two committees said.

They added that the status in north Syria stirs concern due to the Turkish continued aggression on Syrian lands that forced nearly 165 thousand citizen to leave home.

The statement pointed out to the return of hundreds of thousands of refugees to their areas thanks to the efforts of the Syrian State with a support of Russia.

Syrian Arab Army soldiers repelled Erdogan troops and mercenaries as they tried to attack Kowzaliyah and Tal Laban in Hasaka northwest countryside, on 24 October. The SAA inflicted heavy losses.

The Erdogan thugs currently occupy al Manajir village in Tal Tamer region, after massive artillery bombing which also resulted in the deaths of an undisclosed number of Syrian soldiers — soldiers defending their country within its borders, from invading pathogens.

Scorched earth has no peaceful intention. Turkey has engaged in war crimes against Syria since the early days of the crisis. Rabid Erdogan got the green light to go solo in a ground invasion, from his US master, Trump, with his fake withdrawal announcement.

Not only does the Ottoman caliph wannabe have no fear of terrorists in Syria, but he has also facilitated the entry of the world’s human refuse through the border — the real border — into Syria. Most of the 350,000 foreign terrorists have entered there, and not one stepped on any of the almost 200,000 land mines Turkey has not cleared, despite having joined the Mine Ban Treaty in 2003.

Again, a reminder: The death squad White Helmets are headquartered in Turkey; SAMS has an office in Turkey and held its international fundraiser of 2017 in Turkey. Turkey is where Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov was assassinated by Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş, a member of the special security police.

Since the Sochi ‘agreement,’ the Turkish war criminals have replaced the armed SDF-Kurds in atrocities against Syrian civilians.

Prior to the meeting, the allegedly civilized world was aghast at the heinous actions perpetrated by Erdogan regime thug invaders. What decent human being was not horrified to see the video of the Turkish soldiers mutilating the corpses of murdered Kurdish people?

How, then, did such decent persons support the savages who mutilated the corpses of Syrian soldiers (the US Congressman who was hashtagging “Save Daraa!” was unmoved when the ‘freedom fighters’ he cheered, committed such horrors — in Daraa)? Did NATO media report on the depravity of the FSA cooking a soldier’s severed head on a barbeque grill, in Idlib, in 2013?

A member of the FSA grills a head of a decapitated officer – Idleb

There is a new horror, of Erdogan’s al Qaeda affiliates videoing themselves with a kidnapped woman, which will likely reach the western media, and which will chill decent, civilized, persons to the bone.

On 9/11, the US’ armed cannon fodder SDF invaded dozens of homes and kidnapped 30 people, mostly old men. On 30 September, these thugs kidnapped 300 persons.

Again, we are obliged to remind our readers that in August 2013, ”moderates” armed by the US and supported by Erdogan, ravaged several villages in Lattakia countryside, slaughtered the men, and kidnapped 400 women and children. These terrorists were assisted by Qatar’s al Jazeera.

femicide syrian women & kids kidnapped
Syrian women kidnapped by terrorists including al-Jazeera. No mention in any MSM.

When, after 3-1/2 years of brutal captivity by NATO (including Erdogan) terrorists, 58 of them were freed in an exchange made by the government, where was the relief of decent, civilized, persons?

femicide - Latakia Freed Women and Children with President Assad and First Lady Asma
Latakia Freed Women and Children with President Assad and First Lady Asma

Turkey’s president has never feigned even a glimmer of honesty. Ambassador Karlov was assassinated not long after Russia and Turkey engaged in rapprochement, after Turkey shot down the Russian jet in Syrian airspace, in October 2015. Erdogan became a member of the ‘Astana guarantors,’ in December 2016. During each subsequent Astana meeting, this demon’s al Qaeda mercenaries engage in Syrian bloodbaths…March 2017August 2019.

The various cessations of hostilities in Idlib — guaranteed by Erdogan — have all been unilateral; even the UN has been forced to acknowledge this reality. “Unilateral” is the one-sidedness of the SAR not bombing the various factions of al Qaeda in Idlib.

Prior to Sochi, Erdogan declared his own ceasefire against Syria, and he immediately breached it. Two days after Sochi, his criminal troops have murdered Syrian soldiers, in Syria.

Turkey / Turkish President Recep Tayib Erdogan New Ottoman رجب طيب اردوغان العثمانيون الجدد

The civilized world western world now calls for Erdogan’s Turkey to be ejected from NATO; it still ignores that it has been all of NATO member states engaged in the ugly conspiracy to destroy the Syrian Arab Republic.

The civilized world is suddenly cognizant of the atrocities against Syria, but only those committed by Turkey, and only against a specific Syrian minority.

Is such a world that condemns some perpetrators of atrocities, and supports other perpetrators of atrocities, truly civilized?

syria every inch Assad
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

Miri Wood

NB: As of this writing, the author has been unable to find a complete M.o.U. on the Sochi meeting, from Russian media sources, and remains disturbed by the ‘oily feel’ whenever these sites mention “the border.” Qatar’s al Jazeera claims to have received it from the Turkish Foreign Ministry. Point 5 confirms that oily feel, that the Syrian border has been moved, à la the IDF’s mobile ”Area C”: …Russian military police and Syrian border guards will enter the Syrian side of the Turkish-Syrian border, outside the area of Operation Peace Spring [sic]. This illicit, artificial border is 30 km/19mi from the real border.

True map of Syria. Anything else is imperialist theft.

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    Update: A subsequent report contained an interview w/the woman in the above video, in which she said the video was meant to be psychological warfare. She claimed to be unharmed.


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