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Erdogan Terrorists Shell Masyaf National Hospital; Missiles Killed 5 Civilians

Erdogan Terrorists Target Masyaf city with Missiles

Terrorists loyal to the Turkish pariah Erdogan fired missiles at the city of Masyaf, western Hama countryside. Several missiles hit the entrance of the Masyaf National Hospital, and the Children’s Department. Of the 5 murdered, 2 were hospital staff members. Of the 15 injured, four are hospital employees.

There is no reporting of this latest atrocity in the western media, which only report on bombings the terrorists claim are hospitals.

The terrorists operating under the protection of the Turkish Army empowered by the political cover of the UNSC P3 targeted the city earlier this morning increasing their level of aggression.

USA, UK, and France, the 3 permanent members of the United Nations Security Council which in turn is trusted to preserve peace and security in the world, have provided the terrorists with weapons and even with chemical substances and trained them on how to use it, issued a statement threat to the Syrian Arab Republic to stop the Syrian Arab Army from any military operation against their terrorists who hold over 3 million civilians in Idlib city and its countryside as human shields.

8 years of the ‘War Of Terror’ waged by the NATO member states against Syria with the financial and manpower help of their regional stooges namely Qatar and Saudi, are not enough, each Syrian citizen suffering from unprecedented economic sanctions and blockade on the country is not enough, they want to gain with their last terrorist stronghold what they failed to gain using ISIS over the past years: A complete Regime Change in Syria, or face their wrath and hatred.

Syrian Ikhbariya News Channel, also under US and EU sanctions to ‘preserve free speech!’ aired this report, we will try to get one in English soon:

This terrorist attack against Masyaf is just one in a daily series of similar attacks by terrorists loyal to the Turkish pariah and Caliph wannabe Erdogan from their positions in Idlib and around it and in all directions. Erdogan promised his savior Russian President Putin and his Iranian counterpart to dismantle the terrorists in the Idlib province by the middle of last October in what’s known as the ‘Idlib Agreement’.

Despite his, and his anti-Islamic AKP Muslim Brotherhood party’s humiliating failure in the recent municipal elections, the Turkish pariah still thinks he can get a piece of the Syrian pie he helped trying to slice by spilling more innocent Syrian blood.

On their parts, Mr. Putin of Russia and Mr. Rohani of Iran, don’t see any need to exert any pressure on the bloodthirsty lunatic in Turkey, they keep increasing their level of cooperation with him, while he increases his level of cooperation with their enemies, especially their states’ main enemy Israel.

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