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Erdogan and Herzog… The Relationship with “Israel” is a Killer Love!

Turkey Erdogan the hypocrite Zionist slave - Israel Hertzog - المنافق اردوغان رئيس تركيا عميل الصهيونية مع الرئيس الاسرائيلي هرتزوغ

The Israeli media confirmed Isaac Herzog’s visit to Turkey and said that the latter, whom Erdogan had called twice before, had received an official invitation from Ankara and would soon respond.

The following is the English translation from Arabic of the latest article by Turkish career journalist Husni Mahali he published in the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen news site Al-Mayadeen Net:

Last Tuesday, Turkish President Erdogan admitted his contact with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, expecting him to visit Turkey soon.

The “Israeli” media confirmed this information and said that Herzog, whom Erdogan had previously called twice, had received an official invitation from Erdogan and would soon respond.

Erdogan, who had also previously spoken by phone to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, indicated that contacts with him were continuing, at a time when information spoke of a long conversation between Foreign Minister Melvut Cavusoglu and his Israeli counterpart Lapid (Thursday) in order to prepare for Herzog’s visit to Turkey very soon, Erdogan to respond to this visit immediately. (My article on December 27, titled: Erdogan 2022: Staying in Syria and Libya and Reconciling with “Israel”.

Before we explain this sudden development in the Turkish attitude towards the “archenemy of Israel”, it is necessary to go back a little to the pages of history, after the establishment of the Hebrew-Zionist entity in the Arab Muslim land of Palestine.

Turkey is the first Islamic country to recognize this entity, in March 1949, ten months after its “establishment”.

Turkey is the first Islamic country that Ben-Gurion visited in August 1958, that is, after the July 14 revolution in Iraq, and the establishment of the United Arab Republic between Egypt and Syria, and he met with its Prime Minister Adnan Menderes secretly.

And Turkey is the Islamic state, which allowed Washington to use its bases against Lebanon and Jordan in 1958, and then during the tripartite aggression against Egypt in 1956.

Turkey is the first Islamic country to sign in 1996, during the reign of the Islamist Erbakan government, an agreement for military cooperation with “Israel”, according to which “Tel Aviv” modernized Turkish planes and tanks.

Turkey is the only Islamic country that allowed Israeli occupation planes to fly in its airspace when it bombed a site said to be a nuclear plant near the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor, in September 2007.

Turkey is the first and only Islamic country, whose Prime Minister (Erdogan) received medals of “political courage” from the Jewish lobby organizations in 2004 and 2005.

Turkey is the first Islamic country, whose Prime Minister (Erdogan) visited occupied Jerusalem, to be a guest of Sharon, who welcomed him, saying, “Welcome to the eternal capital of Israel.”

Turkey is the first Islamic country, which the President of the Israeli occupation (Peres) spoke in its parliament in November 2007.

And Turkey is the Islamic state, whose economic, commercial, and tourism relations with Israel have never been affected, despite the ebb and flow of political relations with it.

And Turkey is the Islamic State, which in May 2010 allowed “Israel” to join the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) because it did not use the veto right against it, nor did it use this right in May 2016 against Israel’s accession to NATO as an observer

And Turkey is the Islamic State, which dropped all the lawsuits filed in Turkish and international courts against “Israel”, which killed 10 Turks in May 2010, when they were on board the humanitarian relief ship “Marmara”, Tel Aviv donated twenty million dollars to their families.

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And Turkey is the Islamic State, which played the main role in persuading Khaled Meshaal to close Hamas offices and camps in Syria, or forcing him to do so. He went out to plot against Damascus, using sectarian religious slogans that only served Israel. This is what all the factions that fought the Syrian state did, and are still doing, which pledged allegiance to President Erdogan as an Islamic leader who sings about the glories of the Ottoman Caliphate and Sultanate.

And Turkey, in the name of Islam and Muslims, is the Islamic state which threatened “Israel” on more than one occasion, the most important of which was Trump’s declaration of occupied Jerusalem as the capital of the world’s Jews. Erdogan, in his capacity as the head of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, invited Muslim leaders to two urgent summits attended by only a few leaders, and they did not come out with any practical and decisive decisions against America and “Israel”, and Erdogan remained a strategic ally of Trump despite the latter’s bad treatment of him personally.

Turkey is the Islamic state whose leader Erdogan has threatened on more than one occasion “Israel” and its leaders, as is the case with Peres in Davos or Netanyahu, but without taking any practical position against them on any issue, Palestinian, Turkish, or Islamic.

And Turkey is the non-Arab Islamic state that threatened the United Arab Emirates and everyone who has normalized relations with “Israel”, but it was not late in normalization, cooperation, and alliance with this Hebrew “state” after Erdogan called its president to tell him that “coordination and cooperation with Israel are necessary and important for the sake of the region’s security and stability”, and without being clear against who will be this coordination and cooperation, and later the coalition!

And Turkey is the Islamic state, which was not satisfied with that, it forgot, but rather let aside everything it said about the countries of normalization (with “Israel”), it hastened reconciliation with the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan, and soon with Saudi Arabia.

And Turkey is the non-Arab Islamic country, which will be the first country that Israeli President Herzog, and then Prime Minister Bennett, will visit. Erdogan will respond to these two visits, according to developments in the region, the most important of which is the fate of the Iranian nuclear agreement.

And the Islamic State of Turkey, which it was said that Ilham Aliyev, President of Islamic Azerbaijan, and Jew Zelensky, President of Ukraine, mediated between it and “Israel”, may soon need no one in its relations with “Tel Aviv”. This explains its efforts to mediate between the Jew Zelensky and President Putin (Erdogan will visit Moscow and Kyiv soon), who is also keen on his relations with “Israel”. Without anyone remembering, at the forefront the Russians, that Erdogan rejected the “annexation of the Crimea to Russia”, declared his support for the Turkish Muslim minority in Crimea, and supported Ukraine’s accession to NATO after he sold his drones to Kyiv, despite Moscow’s denunciation.

At the same time, Ankara did not neglect its relations with the traditional ally Washington, in which Erdogan seeks to win the affection of the Jewish lobbies after he met a number of Jewish rabbis in Istanbul at the end of last year, and he has close relations with the leaders of the aforementioned lobbies.

All of this explains the calm that hovered over Washington’s relations with Ankara after the two sides closed the S-400 missile file and entered into a new dialogue on the issue of F-35 planes, while Ankara no longer attacks Washington because of its support for Kurdish militias east of the Euphrates. Washington also announced its objection to the project to transport “Israeli” and Cypriot gas through pipelines extending from southern Cyprus to the island of Crete, and from there to Greece, then Italy and Europe. This will undoubtedly encourage Israel to talk about this issue with Turkey, which is seeking a specific agreement with Washington and some European Union capitals in order to solve the Cyprus issue after signing the border demarcation agreement with Israel, such as the one it signed with the Libyan Government of National Accord in November 2019.

This will undoubtedly support Israel’s strategies, which sees Cyprus as its only gateway to escape from any Arab/Islamic invasion of Palestine, even after hundreds of years.

This explains the interest of the Jews, starting with the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, and throughout the various stages of history, in the island, which prompted them, in recent years, to establish alliances with the Greek Cypriots and Athens, without neglecting their important projects in the Turkish northern part, despite the “Tel Aviv bad relations” with Ankara, as it used to be told!

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