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Duma Celebrates its 100th Martyr Combating Terrorists in SAA Ranks

Duma city, Damascus Countryside, Syria

Duma, the city that became the sole concern of all NATO officials suddenly when the SAA was about to clean it from terrorists in 2018 has proved it’s not less than any other city in the country with its sons joining the military service in the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army and fighting terrorists all over the country, winning in liberating more towns or winning martyrdom.

Duma celebrated its 100th martyr combating NATO-sponsored al-Qaeda terrorists, just 2 years ago it was the largest stronghold of al-Qaeda in the whole world with over 60,000 of them based in it.

Duma is also the site where the alleged chemical attack took place, the alleged attack that took down with it the last shred of credibility of one of the supposed to be the most prestigious international organizations.

The following report by Muhammad Khader for the Lebanese-based Al Mayadeen news channel brings the city to light after it was ignored by the western mainstream propagandists for two years:

The video is also available on BitChute.

For many years the city of Duma was infested with tens of thousands of heavily armed terrorists, most of them non-Syrians, implementing their way of life, they were also targeting the city of Damascus and its suburbs with constant indiscriminate shelling on daily bases, but that was normal for the NATO members of the UNSC. Only when the SAA was on the verge of cleaning the city from them and the hoax of the chemical attack came out they flooded the United Nations building with their crocodile tears, not for the residents of Duma who were under al-Qaeda oppression, they were actually crying for al-Qaeda terrorists fearing they would lose their control over the strategist city threatening the Syrian capital and its 8 million residents.

It’s either the Syrian ‘regime’ has some miraculous powers that make its army soldiers kill their own families for it then have the families present more of their sons to fight for it in other cities against their liberators of al-Qaeda who came from all sides of the world to their rescue, or the narrative promoted by the same parties that lied to invade and destroy Iraq, Libya, and a host of other countries is flawed, or as the president of the world’s superpower calls it: fake news, your brain your choice.

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