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Desperate and Isolated Donald Trump Tweet-Threat Iran with More Crimes

Donald Trump twitter account

After losing hope in swaying Iran from retaliating his crime murdering the IRGC second commander, and the rejection of his offer to lift-off all sanctions and grant aid to Iran, Trump takes to Twitter, his comfort zone, showing his desperation.

Hopefully the world’s murderer in one of the top offices starting to realize the graveness of the crime he committed against two most revered commanders Iranian IRGC’s Qasim Soliemani and Iraqi PMU Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis. However, there are some crimes that cannot be undone by all measures and would definitely bear consequences, this is one of them.

Surrounded by fail advisers of choice, and having zero experience in civilization, humanity, chivalry, politics, especially foreign policies, with a horrific history of bankruptcies financially and morally, switching jobs from facilitating in the ‘world’s oldest profession’ to the helm of the world’s superpower, the mistakes committed by such a figure are way bigger than his capacity to handle.

Feeling isolated among world leaders, he should, however evil some world leaders might seem to be, none of them brag about killing top commanders of their foes in treacherous methods, well besides his own best buddy Netanyahu who can’t be considered a world leader anyway.

Desperate Donald Trump Lost in Iran's Retaliation
Trump trumpeting the hallow drums of threats:

Major General Qasim Soleimani was on an official visit to Iraq, was due to meet its prime minister, was received by an official delegation at Baghdad’s International Airport, coming from Syria on a commercial flight with passengers’ names published, it wasn’t really an ‘opportunity’ and an ‘intelligence breakthrough’, especially the man was called to Baghdad to help defuse the tensions after angry protesters partially stormed the US embassy in Baghdad protesting, angrily and rightfully, the massacre of 31 of their own sons who were deployed at the borders to protect the country from ISIS terror.

The slain general was a top official in, and an envoy of a regional superpower country who met with world leaders like Putin, Assad, and others, and who was due to meet a regional madman and war criminal Erdogan soon to try to convince the latter of stopping the killings of Muslims in the region.

Even the CIA would not carry such a crime knowing very well the consequences, but a person with the aforementioned features and advisers would be easily fooled by own ego and own miscalculations.

Threatening further attacks against Iran if the victim decides to stand up and deter the criminal is a sign of weakness. The Iranians’ patience in their retaliation while scoring big in Trump’s goals will drive him to the same insanity his closest buddies reached, those in the grade of Erdogan, Netanyahu, and Bin Salman. One uses al-Qaeda terrorists to slaughter neighboring civilians and now exporting his crimes to Libya. The second slaughtering entire families in Gaza. The third better known as ‘Abu Minshar’ (the father of seesaw – referring to the bone saw that chopped up the body of Khashoggi) is relentlessly attacking his neighboring poorest Arab country Yemen for more than 5 years and committing daily massacres there against schoolgirls going to school, wedding celebrations and funeral processings.

While cooking Trump on the slow-working boiler, Iran will achieve its set targets it announced to retaliate Trump’s crime. One of the main goals is getting the US troops out of the region.

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  1. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    In my humble opinion US is very vulnerable to cyber threats. US can be easily knocked down by shattering Wall Street trading platforms. Especially devastating would be to put out of work Stock Exchange and Commodity Exchange Clearing houses. US of Assassins will not survive if someone put a clot in their main financial artery.
    Just a friendly advice.


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