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The Defeat of the Largest Terrorist Army on Earth

Syria - Largest Terrorists Army in History

The Destruction of the Largest Terrorist Gathering on Earth and the Largest Terrorist Budget in History,

The Reason of The Kneeling of the Embassies at the Feet of Mount Qasioun

This is a translation of an article written by Naram Sargon in Arabic: “
The above link is no longer working: FB suspended Sargon’s FB page.

I will not just walk a couple of miles with those who believe that what happened in Syria was a spontaneous revolution, and that it was peaceful, and that it was forced to be weaponized, but I will walk with them many miles and believe them.

And I will not insist that the Syrian state used the explosive barrels, as those insist and believe in it as if the explosive barrels were mentioned in the Holy Quran and denying it is the infidelity which is beyond any other infidelity.

And I will listen to who gets angry when saying that we invented the theory of the ‘universal conspiracy’ and that we have created ISIS. I will listen, and listen, and listen and I will not interrupt anybody.

But when all the crying, whining and screaming, the tearing of clothes on the innocent victims and the ‘dignity revolution’, I will ask permission from all of those and ask them to listen like how I listened and they only have to read the report by the Russian Ministry of Defense issued recently and which presented an accurate statistic on the number of terrorists who were terminated through the year 2018 in Syria, alone.

The number of terrorists terminated in Syria, as per this report, was estimated to exceed 23,000-armed terrorists from all the terrorist groups. The report added 159 destroyed tanks, 57 armored vehicles, more than 900 cannons, 3000 pickup cars mounted with heavy machine-guns.

The statistics add that the number of terrorists killed since 2015 is more than 87000, and their destroyed tanks were more than 650 tanks, and more than 700 combat vehicles, over a thousand military camps and more than 10 thousand warehouses for munition and fuel.

If we add to those, the same number of terrorists terminated in combats with the Syrian Arab Army since the end of 2011 and until the end of 2015, we will find that the ‘Terrorist Army’ that was destroyed lost about 200,000 terrorists, their injured would be double or triple that figure, in general.

If we add to them the number of terrorists packed by the ‘green buses’ and sent to Idlib, which now contains the largest collection of between 70,000 and 100,000 terrorists, we will find out that the number of the personnel of the terrorist’s body and the military conspiracy is almost half a million terrorists, Syrian and foreigner from all nationalities.

I remain astonished from the footage of confiscated weapons, its massive quantities, the Syrian TV displays, where we see the endless tanks columns, the cannons, machineguns, and munitions…

The Syrian Arab Army had confiscated such huge quantities of explosives, it cannot contain and has to destroy it by big explosions, it’s announcing through media almost daily. Now the SAA is facing another difficult task to dispose of these massive quantities and thousands of tons and mountains of explosives which were with the terrorists, this equals what the Americans confiscated from the Iraqi Army upon the fall of Baghdad.

The other shocking figure, in the Russian MoD report, is the number of destroyed tanks since 2015 which exceeded 650 tanks, hundreds of armored vehicles, 10 thousand munition and fuel depots, keeping in mind that the terrorists in Idlib still have more large quantities with them there.

This means that the Terrorists Army counted half a million, armed with 1200 tanks, and thousands of armored vehicles, at least, and this is double what the famous German Sixth Army (Wehrmacht) which counted 285000 and had conquered Europe and reached ‘Stalingrad’ after it fought in Belgium, France, Finland, Romania, and Ukraine, it was defeated in Stalingrad and 106,000 of its soldiers surrendered, and by the end of the war only 60,000 returned home.

Some might argue that the Russian figures could be exaggerated, if we agree to their claim and listen to them again, we need to remember that the Russians had to carry out between 90 – 100 thousand air raid to stop the terrorist expansion, and this is a very big number.

It means they were dealing with a massive army, a very much trained, very much armed, and very much widespread army that it distributed its munition depots over 10,000 locations, which in turn gives a plausible match between the Russian estimates and the number of air raids needed to stop this terror expansion.

Here, we have to remember that the US estimates of ISIS alone that it was very much armed and the task to eradicate it would last 20 – 30 years, maybe more. The reason for these estimates is that the American knows what this ‘army’ posses and what are their abilities to endure.

All of the above leads us automatically to the question about this massive amount of weapons, and it’s not enough to say it’s war trophies, the Syrian Arab Army didn’t lose 1200 tanks from its warehouses, it only lost few dozens from its scattered less-protected outposts.

Adding to that that ISIS, which managed to put its hand on some of the Iraqi equipment in Mosul and elsewhere, didn’t collect 1200 tanks and thousands of armored vehicles, most of its military trophies were Hummer cars and about 500 armored vehicles.

This makes us face another reality, which is that this massive Army of terrorist groups from Aleppo to Mosul to South Syria had foreign finance and foreign arming supplies.

That there are files surfacing now of large deals of weapons and tanks from Ukraine and Eastern European countries bought by the Gulfies, shipped to Turkey and Jordan and then smuggled through the Syrian borders to enter the battles. In some cases, the armored vehicles and the rangers arrived brand new.

In one of the battles, there were consecutive air flights to build an air-bridge very similar to the one the USA carried out for Israel during the 1973 war.

Here we arrive to the figure of $137 billion, which is the only figure uncovered by the Qatari Hamad Bin Jabr Al Thani, in his infamous ‘prey’ interview, which during it he confessed that Qatar, along with the Syrian ‘Friends’ coalition, have pumped $137 billion in the body of the armed terror – until 2015.

And this figure was not to buy peaceful placards, nor to write and paint the ‘revolution’ flags on the walls. This enormous figure is approximately one-third of the amount the Saudis will pay to US weapons manufacturers to buy weapons of all sorts, in the largest military deal in history.

Therefore, we can say that the largest armed terrorist organization in the world was called the ‘Syrian Revolution’, and the weapons given to it made it the main terrorist army in the world to receive this amount of tanks, armored vehicles, depots, and munition, not to mention the chemical weapons.

We can say that the largest operation to finance the world’s largest gangs were for the most dangerous gangs on the Syrian territories. And that the largest confrontation in the world between a regular army, the SAA, and the Terrorists Army, is the confrontation that happened over the Syrian land.

And that the greatest victory in history is the victory the Syrian Arab Army and its allies achieved. Guinness World Records can add to its records that the largest terrorist army in the world is the so-called Syrian Revolution, with half a million terrorists from all over the world armed with thousands of tanks and armored vehicles.

And that the largest universal conspiracy in human history happened in Syria, and the largest budget for a gang in history is the budged of the so-called ‘Syrian Revolution’.

These figure mentioned above are the main reason behind Trump’s order to withdraw his troops from Syria, after the largest terrorist army in history, after the Israeli and the US armies, was terminated, and there is nothing left of it worthy of keeping; like how Trump said: There is nothing left but sands.

This Syrian achievement is the reason behind Turkey’s humbleness in its ambitions and its kneeling at the borders.

This is the reason for the embassies and ambassadors flow towards Damascus, which its previous ambition was to rule Mount Qasioun from those embassies, and that Mount Qasioun would kiss its dresses and its gowns, and make Mount Qasioun a doorman at the doors of the embassies.

These embassies have no way now to return except in obedience and submission and kneeling at the feet of Mount Qasioun, kissing its feet and shoes, asking its forgiveness, and crying and whining in regret.

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