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Deep State Hyenas Flout Law, Ravenous for More Syrian Blood

image-Hyenas attacking Syria

The globalist deep state hyenas have reached a new low in delirious frenzy against Syria. While screaming international law! they flaunt it, and flaunt their insatiable lust for Syrian blood.  The mania of the terrorists in suits is so out of control that they appear to have abandoned their chemical conspiracy planned for Idlib.  Instead, they scream in unison for the preservation of serial killers occupying eastern Ghouta.  Savages they would call by rightful names in western countries are converted to innocent women and children. These hyenas ignore more than 1,000 terrorist mortars and missiles fired by Ghouta terrorists into Damascus.  They hold the Goebbels Big Lie proudly over their heads, knowing their elite club is one of destruction, that none its members will speak the truth.

The hyenas bark about women, except when terrorists cage them as human shields.
How many Syrians have these terrorists killed? Are these killers foreigners ''genetically altered'' into ''Syrian opposition"?
How many Syrians have these terrorists killed? Are these killers foreigners ”genetically altered” into ”Syrian opposition”?

Since March 2011, Syrian has endured the most heinous conspiracy in history.  Syria defends itself against the world’s human garbage, foreign invaders re-named Syrian.  Syria’s defenders are its soldiers conscripted into the military, to be maligned as killers of their own people.  Syria buries its sons, daughters, parents, extended families, and the world’s hyenas call the terrorists ‘freedom fighters.’


The deep state hyenas introduced the foreign-armed, foreign-paid, and foreign takfiri of al Ghouta onto the world stage in August 2013.  The stupid, inbred, savages accidentally slaughtered many of their own, and thus ratted out having been given chemical weapons by Prince Bandar, because he neglected to give them proper instruction on their use.  The admission was of no matter to the perpetual warriors, including Nobel Peace Laureate cum war criminal, POTUS Obama.  Nor was concern voiced by the humanitarian bastards that several of the dead Syrians were recognized as having been kidnapped in Latakia countryside (similarly, the hyenas were too sedated to report on the moment long-awaited, when 58 Syrian women and their children abductees were released in exchange for imprisoned terrorists of al Qaeda.).

No, this inbred, Captagon-fueled beast with two legs is not capable of overseeing deployment of WMDs.

Under the pretext of Goebbels Big Lie — and ignoring the admission by the terrorists, themselves — that Syria had bombed Syria with CWs, Capitol Hill and UN hyenas planned to turn the SAR into a landmass.  Syria, though, thwarted this plan by joining the OPCW.

Coalition for a Democratic Syria call on US Congress to approve bombing Syria..!


Throughout this still young year, savages occupying Ghouta have been bombing Damascus with mortars, missiles, and rockets.  School children were targeted in Bab Touma.  Four of 10 civilians slaughtered in Esh al Warwar were of the same family.  Eight days ago, Ambassador al Jaafari spoke before the UNSC. He said — twice — that over 20 days, the genetically altered foreign terrorists had hit Damascus with more than 1,000 mortars.  He was mistranslated.

The video is also available on BitChute

H.E. al Jaafari —  who has been under bipartisan censorship since March 2014 — held up a very fat book of diplomatic letters given to the Council, regarding foreign terrorists in his country, all of which have been ignored.

Dr. al Jaafari holds a fat book of official communications ignored by the UN. It includes 136 pertaining to suspected chemical weapons use by the foreign takfiri.

Here are some photographs of Syrian civilians recently martyred by the pathogens occupying al Ghouta.  These civilians do not matter to deep state hyenas whose greedy thirst for Syrian blood is insatiable.

Luma Fallouh was head of the Damascus Opera House.
The name of this Syrian man murdered 20 February by Ghouta terrorists is Nayef Qabbani.
The name of this Syrian man murdered 20 February by Ghouta terrorists is Nayef Qabbani.
This was Nayef’s brother, Karim Qabbani, also murdered 20 February, by a moderate bomb from moderate terrorists in Ghouta.
Syrians of Damascus recently and moderately murdered by the hyenas’ Ghouta moderates.
Likely a “regime” taxi and “regime” car sweetly touched by the mortars from al Ghouta moderates.
Five Syrian civilians were injured in nearby Jaramana, by mortar fired from occupied Ghouta.


In October 2015, Ambassador Jaafari was interviewed by Andrea Mitchell.  He explained that al Raqqa was a city of 800,000 Syrian civilians held hostage by 3,000 terrorists.  He explained this was the reason that the Syrian Arab Air Force was judicious in its bombings, to protect civilians.  Since that interview, the US-led war criminal coalition has obliterated al Raqqa, and calls obliteration, liberation.  Deep state continues to cheer the criminal destruction of this city as a success story.  The UN has never condemned this war crime.  Today, fascist Mike Pence of the murderous Trump rogue regime bragged about this war crime.

Comparing Raqqa and Ghouta is so beyond Kafka that it requires a numbered list…and a screenshot.

  1. Syria is on record in 2015, noting its concern for its civilian population, besieged by foreign-owned terrorists.
  2. Syria was careful not to destroy al Raqqa.
  3. The US-led coalition of war criminals destroyed al Raqqa and bragged about it.
  4. Syria has given the same consideration for its population held hostage by terrorists in al Ghouta.
  5. Syria is maligned as killing its own people.
  6. US Vice-President declares colonialist dictation on who gets bombed, and where they get bombed, flaunting international law.
  7. What are the statistics of Syrian civilians slaughtered by US destruction of Raqqa?  At least 1,300?  How many of these were killed when the US bombed Raqqa with P4?
22 February 2017


Amnesty International (AI) was founded in 1961, by British ‘attorney’ Peter Benenson, with the intention “to mobilize world opinion” “effectively.”  He claimed that it matters more to harness the enthusiasm of the helpers than to bring people out of prison.  Since the early days of the foreign-imposed crisis, AI has been among the ravenous hyenas attempting to destroy the SAR.  It has supported every known terrorist against the republic, including those in Ghouta, and now demands a piece of the money from “helpers” roused into “enthusiasm.”

Warmongering AI wants a petition signed, and a check written.

Demoncracy Now! also has its hand out, pimping the criminals lies of the criminal AI.

More incest of the hyenas barking their voracious appetite for Syrian blood.

Human Rights Watch has also been a steadfast part of the deep state hyenas, supporting terrorists from the beginning.  Ken Roth surely requires more compensation than $517,000 annually, for ignoring the request of Nobel Peace Laureates to sever ties with the CIA and NATO, and for engaging in crimes against peace in Syria.

HRW supports the terrorist occupation of Ghouta. Send money to find words that do not fail.

French intelligence services known as MSF  has its hand out, while creating an ongoing number of unhospitals now destroyed in Ghouta.  As previously documented, this gang counts on its reputation to protect it from scrutiny; if it bellows International Law! it expects no one to read the Geneva Treaties, including the ICRC, which clearly demonstrate MSF’s anti-Syria lies.

SAMS issued a melodramatic script of a two-hour code on a boy pulled from the rubble (toujours, rubble) whose airways, plural, were clogged (from the rubble, bien sur) in an attempt to fundraise, after which it began killing off its staff (does that really open wallets?).

Two hour code, quite miraculous, especially considering the lack of visible suction equipment, and the lone stethoscope hanging on the IV pole in the corner.

SAMS — a State Department favorite — never released the secret video shown to the UNSC, the one that made Samantha Power cry.  Last summer, this terrorist-supporting gang of hyenas held a conference filled with evidence showing that it lied, or engaged in human vivisection.  SAMS may have been the force behind the White Helmets removal of their snuff video on Khan Sheikhoun, 4 April 2017.  Despite this Nusra News being shared by deep state MSM, and the basis Trump’s criminal bombings of the Ash Sha’irat Airbase, the video showed torture, abuse, and abuse of corpses (and no health care).

derivative fundraiser, courtesy of Fox faux conservative news, must not go unnoticed.  On 21 February, the author caught a live interview with Matthew Vandyke, who made his bones as an American illegal embedded with al Qaeda in Libya, and al Qaeda in Syria. The admitted goat beastialist Vandyke noted in early 2013 that the “Syrian revolution” was a fraud, that the foreign fighters [terrorists] were keeping it going, that the terrorists had the chemical weapons and were prepared to use them:  Assad has no need.  He is winning.  Vandyke’s 15-minute anti-Syria fraudumentary was one of the first to win awards.

The timely death of Billy Graham, and Trump’s White House visit with students fortuitously prevented the live interview from being shared on Twitter.

Vandyke, ostensibly with no military background except his post-university studies with al Qaeda in Libya and Syria, was given the Fox audience to raise money for his combination charity and mercenary militia. He asked for money to train Iraqi Christians — and secret others.  For the record:  Pious Christians do not have sex with goats, do not offer murder for hire, do not embed with mass murderers willing to use weapons of mass destruction so that NATO countries will turn sovereign nations into landmasses (note to Bill Hemmer:  Asking someone if he is “a modern-day mercenary should be said with derision and scorn, not admiration.).  For those with induced geopolitical amnesia, before the Bush/Blair/Cheneyac/Halliburton genocide, Iraq was a secular country, where minority Christians and majority Muslims lived together as Iraqi citizens.

Demonic double standards.


The globalist success of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbirdbrain is painfully recognized through the support of these death squads in Syria.  Founded by British mercenary cum British knight James Le Mesurier, headquartered in Erdoganstan, the gang is funded by the CIA and MI-6.   Part of various sects of al Qaeda against Syria, these death squads have been involved — actively or peripherally — with a child beheading, the slaughter of SAA soldiers defending their homeland (and desecrating their corpses), brutality against children, kidnapping, organ theft.

They were implicated in the massacre of more than 130 Syrian civilians in al Rashidin, via Abd al Kader Habak.  Habak just happened to be there, soon after he happened to be in Khan Sheikhoun on 4 April.  He amazingly was in Aleppo during the Omran emotional war porn extravaganza.  Deep state MSM hyenas used a photo of him carrying a child, to diminish the Rashidin slaughter, and make his fake heroism the centerpiece of reporting.

Great ISO, f-stop, and shutter speed noted, before fake hero dramatically falls to his knees.

In an affront to paramedics and healthcare practitioners around the world, these pathogens are called “first responders.”  Only in a hallucinogenic, geopolitical version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland might a helmet — white or any other color — be the lone tool of the first responder of the real world.

As with the MSF, deep state MSM hyenas repeat every statement, every ridiculous statistic uttered by the Nusra Helmets.  Without a grasp of understanding media propaganda in the military-industrial complex, such obedience might bring to mind certain rhyming scenes from the original Manchurian Candidate:

[Should this 1919-secondlip, uploaded 5 January 2013, with 24,291 views suddenly be removed for “copyright infringement,” it contains 3 scenes with the same words:  Raymond Shaw is the kindest-bravest-warmest most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.]

What, though, is the excuse of a viewing audience taught that these terrorists are “first responders” to not notice that they carry no stethoscope, they do not perform CPR, and that not only do they never use spinal precautions with persons reputedly dug from rubble, but these ‘rescued’  bodies are twisted and contorted — totally placing them at risk for permanent spinal injuries?

A look at some photos shows no need for the necessities of first responders but that perhaps a raise is in order for the DoP (Director of Photography, a.k.a. cinematographer).

Here we have a man pulled from the rubble via a system akin to levitation.  Note his hair is properly painted gray. That he has been pulled from the rubble with his glasses intact and on his face should be a hint that this rescue is fake.


The same man, from a different POV.  There is no movement here, by the fake responders; no weight against their hands.

Were there any action, they would have dislocated his right shoulder, and thrown out their backs.

Here, their DoP engages in deliberately monochrome work with the splash of color trope.

The photoshoppe placement of the child’s school book mars the artistry of this piece.

The make-up artist in this one was quite sloppy.  Though hair is painted the standard shade of gray from the rubble, his clothes are immaculately clean, and the red blood paint job is really bad (hint:  bleeding needs a source).

Lousy paint job with the blood. Finally, a stethoscope, though used merely as a prop, hung on an IV pole.  Much drama in this shot, with zero medical care shown. Interesting that the Nusra Helmets do not fake rescue adult women.
Casting director needs to be replaced.

An ongoing motif in these photographs, are rescues in the middle of nothing.  No rubble, no spent mortars or missiles.  Nothing but choreographed drama for the camera.  From what distance have they been carrying this man, while dislocating his left leg?

Something oddly familiar about this staging…

They claimed to have recovered the body of someone lost under the rubble.  As proof, they offered an interesting artist’s prosthetic of a disarticulated hand, defying gravity, and in deliberately monochrome.

Occasionally, they treat children under their occupation, to fun events.


al Qaeda Helmet hyenas have recently begun pimping young women.  They are beautiful, all wear the eye-catching hyper-hijab (“khaleeji,” “of the Gulfies“).  The photos show them engaged in no healthcare activities.

“Courageous woman” doing nothing. Note background supplies: Are they being hoarded? Post liberation Aleppo, warehouses were found with boxes of medical supplies (among massive weapons caches).


Not much unexpected, here, as the deep state media hyenas simply continue to use words of mass destruction, continue their anti-Syria propaganda they have engaged in since the beginning of the crisis.  The same hyenas who barked over the reunification of Aleppo, now bark to save al Qaeda in Eastern Ghouta. The Guardian — which launched the Save Idlib Terrorists! campaign in December has been forced to shift gears to the Save Ghouta Terrorists! campaign.  On 22 February, Guardian ran an open letter from Raed al Saleh (in perfect English, of course).  For those who may not be aware, al Saleh was an electronics sales guy in Syria, before fleeing to Turkey for reasons undisclosed, before fleeing back to Syria to lead the stethoscope-less, CPR-less, spinal precautions-less Nusra fake responders.

Helmets’ DoP has done another excellent photograph, depicting the golden mean and  Fibonacci series.  Ask any paramedic or EMT, though, and you will be told this perfect pic flunks Emergency Rescue Body Mechanics 101.

Great depiction of western classical art’s golden mean. Impossible body mechanics for first responder rescue.

Remember Fox Fake Conservative News reporter, Ben Evansky?  Last month, he ran the ignored exclusive! of FSA terrorists lobbying Washington, D.C. (and then re-ran it, only to have it re-ignored).   Evansky is now retweeting the Helmets’ tweets and is unobjectively hashtagging Save Ghouta Terrorists!

Save Ghouta Terrorists!

It appears the fake conservative is now the press liaison for al Qaeda troops in Eastern Ghouta, forwarding an open letter to the Trump regime.  Amid the starvation, the rubble, the bombings of 13,000,000 hospitals, his source manages to take time to warn the bomber-in-chief of Iranian expansionism into Syria (Iran is in Syria per invitation.  The US is in Syria per breaches in International Law).  Might this become a problem with his contractual obligations to Fox? Will the IRS check for any new income being reported?  Or does he lust after the fame of CNN’s Clarissa Ward, recipient of prizes in journalism, for interviewing foreign terrorists in Syria, terrorists that Anderson Cooper said did not exist?

In which moral universe is this considered neutral and objective reporting?

Note to Evansky:  This is one of the many atrocities of your terrorist friends of Eastern Ghouta.  They arrest Syrian civilians, incarcerate them in the Jail of Toubah, parade them through the streets in cages, to humiliate and further terrorize them, and to terrorize other civilians into compliance.  Your terrorists force these Syrian women abductees to all wear burkha and hijab (adult Syrian women used to dress themselves, and still do in areas of the country not under the occupation of your takfiri friends).


Animals running in packs require leadership.  Who is better qualified to lead beasts known to take advantage of other animals’ kills for easy prey, devouring every part including bones than the well-manicured and polished diplomats of the United Nations?

Holding more sway than the French intelligence services masquerading as the humanitarian MSF, when the UN hyenas bark, the deep state media hyenas have their cover for criminal lies.  Last month, UN Secretary General Antonio Gutteres called upon the SC to refer Syria to the ICC, for serious violations [of defending itself and its citizens against the invasion of the world’s human garbage].  It was of no matter to the msm hyenas that Guetteres offered no evidence of such violations, nor that his cohort in the corrupt Socialist International, Tony Blair, has ever been indicted for war crimes — including genocide — against Iraq.

Guterres with Tony Blair at the 1999 Socialist International conference.

Though MSM could not get much traction from Gutteres’ call, beyond lamenting it would probably be vetoed by very very bad Russia, last week’s obscene remarks by Zeid were the stuff of which dreams and NGO fundraising are made.

On 21 February, UN High Commissioner on Human Rites [sic] Zeid Ra’ad al Husseini frothed at the mouth over the “monstrous annihilation” in Eastern Ghouta.  He tossed words like international humanitarian law, and war crimes about, inferring that on each block is a hospital, and each one was destroyed, and the rubble of each hospital was destroyed, and oh, by the way, women and children — but not the women in the cages on the trucks — suffer panic and hide in the craters under the rubble, where they eat grass developed by the Nusra Helmets that do not require sunlight because these humanitarian killers are geniuses.

The UN hyenas have a “donate” button, too. The hysteria suggests Zeid studied “How to Write a Blackwood Article.”

Zeid’s ebullition was based on “according to reports,” likely from the terrorists who cage Syrian women and drive them around in trucks.  His pathological enmity toward the SAR might also be driven by personal neuroses.  Zeid is Jordanian, and Jordan used to belong to Syria before the British Mandate carved it, and Israel, as the gifts to destabilize the Levant.  There may also be some projection going on; since the beginning of the crisis, Jordan has engaged in war crimes against Syria (including, but not limited to:  Sustaining al Qaeda training camps; opening refugees to sex tourism; letting Israel use its airspace to bomb Syria; bombing Syria; coordinating a blitzkrieg attack 25 March, in Bosra al-Sham, which resulted in the massacre of 230 SAA soldiers).


This multi-billion dollar business is basically a colonialist outgrowth of the colonialist League of Nations.  Its Security Council contains the five permanent (P5) member states of France, United Kingdom, US, Russia, and China.  The P3 F/UK/US members are the world’s leading genocidalists in history and generally vote as a mafioso bloc.  Ten non-permanent members are voted into the Council, for two-year terms, by the General Assembly (though publicly the non-permanent members are democratically rotated, privately also involved are how big the bribes, how soft the hand, and how deep the throat).  Members of the General Assembly must be in good financial standing to vote.  Dues are on a sliding scale but do not factor in draconian sanctions against targeted members, nor crimes of war involved in their destruction.  As such, CAR, Libya, Venezuela and Yemen have been stripped of their voting rights.

The non-permanent SC members function as obedient House Servants to the P3 bullies, ever mindful of placing self-preservation above moral integrity.

Post World War I, the French and the British split the holdings of the Ottoman Empire, and made themselves the new occupiers, via the Sykes-Picot Treaty.

Consider the intention behind the ongoing problems in this region. In geopolitics, there are no accidents.


More disgusting than the MSF spewing words of international law and humanitarian aid while admitting to its own breaches of ICRC/Geneva Treaties, is watching the UN savages draped in finery flaunting its double standards.

Hell is empty and all the devils are here. — the prophetic Bard, speaking of the UN.

The pinheads of the SC draft to demand Syria not be allowed to fight terrorists within its legal borders, were Ambassador Olof Skoog, and Sheikh Sabah Khalid al Hamad al Sabah, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Foreign Affairs of Kuwait, Council President for February (unable to ascertain how Mansour al Otaibi was replaced for this event of ravenous hyenas, as he is still listed as the ambassador from the part constitution, part monarchy).

Though the Syrian Arab Republic was the subject of the draft resolution, Sweden and Kuwait did not invite the Syrian ambassador to attend pre-SC discussions.  This is within the UN charter, though it does seem to make the concern for the Syrian people a fraudulent one, especially factoring in that Sweden had contributed $400,000 to the JIM campaign against Syria, and by early 2014, Kuwait had already dumped 700 bits of its human garbage into this country.  The Kuwaiti representative did high-five himself over having invited Ambassador al Jaafari to the resolution meeting.

The stage was set with the introduction of Mark Lowcock — Under SG for Humanitarian Affairs &  Emergency Relief Coordinator — who spoke via video teleconference for 11 minutes.  Over and over he spoke of the “voices” of the takfiri occupying Eastern Ghouta, undisturbed by the anomaly that so many were able to contact him, personally, despite draconian sanctions and internet instability.  Dutifully, he reported on uncorroborated statistics given to him by the voices.  In his closing remarks, he managed to squeeze out a burp of some mortars having been fired from Ghouta into Damascus city.

Lowcock, left. Fascinating how some job descriptions do not change. In the middle ages English, the lowcock was the guy who swept dung for the landed gentry.

The voices heard by Lowcock were subsequently repeated by the temps on the SC.  A few added thanks for his on the ground report, suggesting he was in Syria, though his terra firma was Switzerland.  One of the most disgraceful groveling performances came from the Cote D’Ivoire house servant, who also demanded the colonialist imposition of the colonialist UNSCR 2254 (2015).  Turn after turn, the hyenas of the temporary Council repeated — with small variations — the anti-Syria propaganda of the P3.

The P3 members were the most pompous and hypocritical.  The UK representative demanded the “immediate end to the aerial bombings” of al Qaeda terrorists in Eastern Ghouta, whom the Frog representative considers as legitimate resistance.

Were foreign terrorists occupying Montreuil, would deLattre consider them legitimate opposition if they fired 1,000 missiles into Paris?
This moderate rocket was fired into Damascus by France’s declared ‘legitimate opposition’ in Ghouta.

Counting on the residual brainwashing of the 2016 “Save Aleppo Terrorists!” campaign, many of the hyenas reminded each other of this city, and preemptively mourned the liberation of Ghouta.


The US representative barked the loudest over this ‘threat,’ and in support of the stethoscope-less Nusra Helmets and other terrorists.

The anti-Syria propaganda was so violent, one almost expected to see a Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter crying while lying.

After almost two hours of almost nothing but criminal lies, the Council President offered the floor to Syria’s ambassador, appropriately encouraging him “to speak for only five minutes.”  Standing for his country, His Excellence al Jaafari stated he was had not be informed of restrictions on his statement.  After the Russian ambassador stepped in, the Kuwaiti president whined he merely made an encouragement.

Dr. Jaafari condemned the Council’s hypocrisy, emphatically stating that the endangerment of 8 million civilians in Damascus to protect terrorists in Eastern Ghouta is unacceptable.  He invited all to visit liberated Aleppo, to see Aleppo free of terrorists.

Ambassador al Jaafari’s full remarks to the hyenas of the UN, and subsequent stake out remarks to the hyenas of the media who had smelled blood and become thirsty, is found here.


These were some of the scenes in Damascus showing the appreciation of al Qaeda in Eastern Ghouta, to the UN:

Imagine such scenes in NYC, in London, in Paris.  The world would be condemning terrorists instead of supporting them.

Damascus, less than 24 hours after the UN hyenas called for Syria to stop killing terrorists who kill Syrians.
Damascus apartment building hit by moderate mortar from besieged al Qaeda occupying Eastern Ghouta. 23 February
23 February, Damascus. Another gift from besieged “legitimate opposition” occupying Ghouta.
23 February, Damascus. Bombing courtesy of the Save Ghouta Terrorists! campaign.


To honor the besieged al Qaeda terrorists of Eastern Ghouta, the Council returned on Saturday 24 February to pass the resolution meant to give terrorists a respite, via a one-sided Cessation of Hostilities.  As part of its plausible deniability, the fraud diplomats made the standard pretense of al Qaeda terrorists being excluded.

UNSCR 2401 (2018), aka Save Ghouta Terrorists! resolution.

Dr. Jaafari reiterated the right of Syria to defend itself within its borders, reiterated its right to retaliate against all terrorists.  His full statement found here

Also on 24 February, the Red Crescent in Damascus received 10 missile gifts from besieged al Qaeda in Ghouta.


Warmongering MSM have pulled out all stops in fraudulent reporting.  One day later, the UK’s BBC interviewed an al Qaeda terrorist from Eastern Ghouta.  On this same day, 60 Minutes ran a report worthy of the Goebbels Big Lie Award.  AP and Reuters wires are prominently featuring White Helmets photos in their reports, continuing the lies that these death squads are the “Syrian Civil Defense,” despite the fact that these Nusra terrorists stole that name from the real Syria Civil Defence — the one that actually has an emergency phone number, and that is actually a member of the International Civil Defence Organization

In Syria, if you have an emergency, you call “113.”

On 27 February, AP ran a headline of a complaint, Still no cease-fire in Syrian enclave,’ showing yet another staged photo of the Nusra Helmets.


The NYR Daily has published an open letter whose signatories demand the humanitarian obliteration of Syria via demanding the implementation of R2P.  Responsibility to Protect is the Newspeak brainchild of Samantha Power, wherein  NATO turning sovereign countries into piles of rubble, is made to be seen as loving acts  of human kindness. 

More than 7 years of the most heinous conspiracy in history, there is no excuse for ignorance.

This cockroach contingent has demanded immediate protection for besieged al Qaeda in Idlib, and in Ghouta. Unaware that the Ziokurd leadership in Afrin had bent to the will of the Syrian Kurdish civilians, agreeing to be the lawful part of the SAR, the cockroaches also voiced their concern for this town.

In the rush to open another avenue of anti-Syria criminal propaganda — or, perhaps enjoying the impunity of the MSM hyenas and the UN hyenas — this new gang opened another door to evidence of White Helmets criminal activities, and abuse of Syrian children.

Take a close look at the bloodied boy in the photograph.  He should look familiar, as he is the same child shown in The Guardian thumbnail showing the choreographed photography.  In the open demand for the humanitarian obliteration of the SAR, a photo credit is given to an “Abdulmonam Eassa,” for AFP/Getty Images (“AFP” for short).

After extensive foraging, AFP has been found, giving his obnoxious dying declaration as possibly the last photographer of Ghouta.  

AFP dying declaration published 26 February.

In the fervent attempt to pimp another round of vile emotional war porn, AFP has exposed himself as part of the al Qaeda  White Helmets beloved by the UN and MSM  hyenas, has exposed himself as the DoP author of the deliberately monochrome work with splash of color trope and photoshopped school book.  The photos he has supplied suggest the potential of him being a wetworker; minimally they are evidence that he does nothing but choreograph surroundings when a Syrian boy is being brutalized by the Nusra Helmets.

AFP has provided us with a larger photo showing the torture of the boy, at the hands of the terrorist, helmeted hyenas.  In the quest for maximum emotional impact, this shot shows the child’s right shoulder at risk for dislocation. It shows his left should also at risk for dislocation and his arm at risk for being broken at the elbow.

The hyenas rip apart this boy’s body, and AFP takes emotional war pornography photo. 21 February.

Here is the same tortured boy, 21 February, used to suggest a second fraud rescue.  For this reason, AFP has not included it in his dying declaration.  Note the horrific posture of this child’s left arm:  Its droop suggests a fracture of the deltoid tuberosity and acromial extremity and a forced rupture of the deltoid muscle.

Moral responsibility dictates no one fall prey to the sadistic, warmongering hyenas who torture and murder children as photo opportunities.

 No one has the right to be a fool.  No one has the right to be so indolently and criminally stupid as to support savage hyenas who kidnap, rape, torture, slaughter while wearing the cloak of victimhood.

“It’s not necessary to be an agent of the enemy to help them; it’s enough to be a fool.” ~ Imam Ghazali

الله، سورية، بشار وبس

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