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Drone and Western Made Weapons Found in Daraa

Weapons and Munition left by Terrorists near Daraa Balad - Syria

Syrian security units discovered a new stash of weapons, munition and electronic devices left by terrorists in the farms near Daraa Balad.

In its intensified combing of large swaths of land cleaned from US-sponsored terrorists in the southern region of Syria, the security units continue to unearth large quantities and high-quality weapons, munitions, and advanced communication devices.

The recent finding includes PKC machine guns, military rifles, RPG grenade launchers with large quantities of its projectiles, local-made missiles, night vision goggles, satellite communication device, and a drone.

Security officers have a very tedious and risky task of combing large areas of land all over the country to ensure no weapons fall in the hands of outlaws, and no IEDs or mines left behind by the terrorists to preserve the safety of the residents, especially children who are the main casualties from such criminal devices.

Last week the security units operating in Daraa discovered large quantities of medicines and weapons, including anti-armor missiles, some Israeli-made, and massive quantities of bullets for heavy and medium machine guns.

Among the items found on December 12, last week, were TNT explosive material, sniper rifles, mortar launchers, and thermo-cameras.

The local farmers are assisting the security units in locating the warehouses and hidden weapons in order to be able to return to their normal lives.

Throughout the country and wherever the terrorists infested, they stored massive amounts of weapons and munition, medical supplies, food and most advanced communication devices, all of which they received as gifts from blood-thirsty Western citizens, or from the Gulfies by instructions from their protectors.

The recent continuous findings in Daraa Balad are of no surprise, rather most expected due  to the proximity of Daraa to the borders of US and UK protectorate Jordan, and the open terrains to Saudi Arabia, the Human Rights pioneer and democracy exporter to the world, and to Israel, the apartheid regime with desire to turn the whole region into enclaves of small emirates fighting each other to serve their masters.

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