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Sudan President First Arab Leader to Visit Damascus Since 2011

Syria President Bashar Assad Receives Sudan President Omar Bashir in Damascus

Sudan President Omar Bashir might be a controversial leader among his own people and abroad, but he maintained a thin-line relation between his country and Syria throughout the current US-led ‘War of Terror’ on the Syrian people.

The Sudanese embassy remained open in Damascus, as well as the Syrian mission in Khartoum, a large Syrian community fled to Sudan seeking shelter from US-sponsored terrorist suicide bombing and indiscriminate shelling of neighborhoods.

In the past, Sudanese students and businessmen would flock constantly to Syria for free high-standards education and best goods they could bring back home for trading, the boycott by most Arab countries and plotting against Syria made that difficult and created hardship for the Syrians themselves whom some found refuge in Sudan and established thriving businesses there.

Sudan voted with the resolution to suspend Syria’s membership in the Arab League, the organization which turned into a tool in the hands of NATO to destroy Arab nations instead of solidifying them against threats like the ones by the evil NATO alliance, no thanks to the Gulfies who took control of the league using their abundant wealth to bribe some Arab countries and threaten the rest with an ‘Arab Spring’ financed by them, orchestrated by their masters.

In November 2011, led by the Qatari former Prime Minister, the Arab League member states violated their own league’s charter and suspended Syria’s membership in the organization, which Syria was one of the main founders of.

A resolution adopted by the League at the time called on member states voluntarily to boycott Damascus until Syria surrenders to the US. A number of those countries not only implemented the resolution, they effectively joined the plot to destroy Syria. Egyptian former president Morsi went later on to the extent of declaring Jihad ‘Holy War’ against Syria, to be hit back by the Syrian Curse and ended up in prison serving a life sentence.

Recently, some of the main voices against Syria, in the beginning, started to send positive messages to Damascus to mend the broken ties as if nothing happened, hoping the Syrian people would simply forget and forgive the backstabbing and crimes committed against them by their own brethren.

These countries realized the Syrian state has won against the US-led ‘War of Terror’ and managed to clean most of its cities from the international filth dumped all over the country, the terrorists sponsored by over 130 countries in the world, some invested so heavily in the destruction of Syria their own budget showed huge deficit for the first time in their history and led them to sell their underwear, like the case of Saudi Arabia, which along with its tiny former sister-in-crime Qatar alone spent $138 billion on terrorists to destroy Syria, as per the confession made by the former Qatari PM.

Syria President Bashar Assad Receives Sudan President Omar Bashir in Damascus
Syria President Bashar Assad Receives Sudan President Omar Bashir and accompanying delegation in Damascus

The visit of the Sudanese president is no surprise, though he’s the first Arab head of state to officially and publicly visit the country since the breakout of hell leashed against Syria. He might be carrying messages from other Arab leaders to test the response of the Syrian leadership.

Formal statements were positive from the Syrian Presidency, we do know, that the Sudanese president heard some uncomfortable blame directed to him and those waiting to hear his impression after his return. The Syrian people will never forget nor forgive any of those who conspired against them and contributed to the crimes committed against them.

Furthermore, the Syrian president emphasized on the role of Arabism to protect the interests of the Arab nations and to re-establish relations between Arab states based on respecting the sovereignty of each state and a commitment of non-interfering in each others’ internal affairs.

Syria President Bashar Assad Receives Sudan President Omar Bashir in Damascus
Syria President Bashar Assad greeting Sudan President Omar Bashir in Damascus

The door is open for all to return to their senses, to put the interests of their people above the instructions of their masters and to ask forgiveness from the Syrian people through the Syrian leadership. We might accept re-establishing relations with those countries, but with no trust at all, anymore.

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  1. Ilias

    That’s the problem of Syria -Arabism ??? For what benefit??? It should be syrianism above all-the glorius past of Syria and only that


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