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Daraa Doubled the Land Planted with Vegetables this Season

Daraa increased planted land with vegetables this season

The southern province of Daraa and the first province the US-sponsored terrorists attacked in the current crisis is getting restored after cleaning it from the terrorists and the return of a large number of families to their farms and fields.

Syria’s Ministry of Agriculture recorded a considerable increase of about 4000 hectares (9,884 Acres) more in the vegetable planted land this season from last season to reach 7,394 hectares. Last season had only 3,221 hectares planted with vegetables.

The area planted with tomatoes in the current season reached 4 thousand hectares for the summer loop amid expectations of production of 470 thousand tons compared to the cultivation of 1450 hectares last season and the production of 186 thousand tons.

The land planted with irrigated summer vegetables in Daraa province alone rose from 1,026 hectares last season to 2245 hectares for the current season, noting that the farmers of the province planted in this season about 1915 hectares crops watermelon red, yellow, tobacco and onions compared to 745 hectares last season.

The Syrian Parliament approved a law decreed by the Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad in 2012 banning all GMO related products and produce in the country to protect the Syrian people from health hazards and the way of life the US wants to export to the world by force.

Worth noting that at the time the Syrian state is encouraging the return of the displaced people to their houses and farms in the areas cleaned from terrorists, the US and its Kurdish SDF proxies are attacking the villagers in their homes and burning the fields they couldn’t steal to Turkey.

Similar to what Turkey-sponsored terrorists of Nusra Front (HTS – al-Qaeda Levant) and the other FSA terrorist groups have destroyed large fields and torched wide areas of olive trees in the towns and villages they’ve infested, also stealing what they could to Erdogan.

From the early days of the crisis, the west calls ‘revolution’, it was obvious the main goal is to destroy the country’s economy and not to enhance the lives of Syrians. One of the first buildings the US-sponsored ‘peaceful protesters’ burned in the city of Daraa, the center of the province, was the Land Department, with all the registration records of land ownership. They simply wanted to cause endless civil wars amongst the people of the province, most of who are tribal with strong familial ties over lost land, the dearest thing for the Syrians and in particular for the farmers. Luckily that time, the Land Department, as well as all other public establishments, managed to backup the entire records prior to this US-led War of Terror in servers in the capital Damascus.

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