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Syria’s Wheat Production Increased 140% This Season

Syrian Wheat

The total quantity of wheat received by the Syrian Ministry of Agriculture this season has increased 145 thousand tonnes compared with the quantity of last season.

Syrian farmers delivered a total of 248 thousand tonnes until yesterday 18 June to the General Establishment for Grain Trading, the establishment in charge of handling storing and manufacturing of the strategic wheat crop.

Thanks to the incredible efforts and achievements of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in cleaning the majority of Syrian territories from terrorists, more farmers are able to reach their fields, plant it and sell their crops.

Last season’s production received from the farmers was 103 thousand tonnes of the wheat, only.

A quantity of 1181 tonnes of wheat was delivered to the General Organization for Seed Multiplication, this establishment is tasked with providing improved sieved and sterilized (processing) seed of different plants, in addition to botanical resources, machinery, tools, equipment, materials, real estate, and all related matters. This particular establishment established in 1970 and enjoyed great support from the Syrian consecutive governments which helped put Syria as one of the leading producers of agriculture produce, mainly the strategic wheat, Syrians main food item.

The received wheat quantities came through the branches of the Grain Trading establishment as follows: 119 thousand tonnes from Hasakeh province, 80 thousand tonnes from Hama, 29 thousand tonnes from Aleppo, 10,000 tonnes from Homs, 3200 tonnes from Daraa, 1974 tonnes from Tartous, and quantities are expected to increase from other provinces.

This comes when US-sponsored SDF militia and its affiliates, ISIS as well, are burning wheat fields in areas under their occupation in northeast Syria, Syria’s main food basket depriving the Syrian farmers and the Syrian people of tens of thousands of tonnes of wheat and barley.

Kurdish PYD Asayish SDF Torching Wheat Farms in Qamishli
US-sponsored SDF militia and its Asayesh terrorists burning wheat fields in Qamishli

This remains very sad news for Syrians, in spite of the slight increase, it’s way below Syrian production of wheat before the US-waged War Of Terror 9 years ago. In the years ending 2010, Syria was producing between 4 and 4.5 million tonnes of wheat annually. Just one of the hundreds of factors where the Syrian people are suffering to face this unprecedented internationally supported War Of Terror turning the country from a main producer and exporter to an importer of wheat. Syria even gifted other countries wheat for no price and at a very low price, that includes Tunisia and Egypt in their dire years.

The Turkish regime of Muslim Brotherhood fanatic Erdogan, not only supported all sorts of terror against Syria, helped in the US-led blockade against the country, promoted the stealing of wheat and burning its silos by terrorists loyal to the Turkish pariah, they stole the 17 out of the 25 types of Syrian wheat that Syrian researches have worked hard throughout the decades to develop naturally without any GMO, and has offered it without the proper Syrian-standard agriculture health quarantine which Syria has been developing since the last century.

Moreover, the Turkish criminal regime has offered to buy at a quarter of its price the wheat from the Syrian farmers which were not burned by the terrorists, to pay them in Turkish Lira, in order to add more pressure on the Syrian economy and to deprive the Syrian people of their already scarce main food, it’s a new evidence of the coordinated efforts by the war camp led by the USA where Turkey is one of the pawns along with Saudi, Qatar, Jordan, ISIS, Nusra Front, UK, France, and others.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault - Norway
Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway

Syria had some of the most advanced agriculture research centers, most of which were systematically destroyed by US-sponsored terrorists in areas they infested, as well by Israel in its multiple bombings with the US help of these centers. The Syrian government has managed to send a large number of its agriculture seeds to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway (above image) for preservation.

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