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Damascus- Terrorists Attack Police Station with a Child Suicide Bomber

image-Damascus Police Station Child Suicide Bomber Blurred

Western-sponsored terrorists target al-Midan Police Station in the famous neighborhood south of Damascus with an explosive belt wrapped around a young girl, the attack caused one casualty and material damage.

We have seen Western officials in the past couple of days promise Syrians that liberating Aleppo is not the end of the crisis in Syria and now we know what they meant. We are not surprised of the new low they reached, we’ve seen so many heinous crimes committed by them directly and by their tools, the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere in the MENA region and we’ve seen other terror groups funded and sponsored by the West commit horrible crimes in other parts of the world.

Keep in mind these are the same terrorists who John Kerry recently asked the Syrian Government to resume power sharing negotiations with under international support.

image-Damascus Police Station Child Suicide Bomber Blurred


We insist these terrorists used by the West are the furthest one can be from Islam, committing such a crime on a Friday afternoon, the Muslims day in the week for praying and submitting to God, detonating a bomb on a child and Islam strictly prohibited killing children and elderly people even during wars, and attacking a police station in a crowded neighborhood in one of Islam’s oldest capitals the Omayyad Caliphate’s capital Damascus.

image-Midan Police Station - Damascus, Syria
Damascus Midan Police Station location on the Map

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