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Damascus Countryside: Syrian Army Cleans the Outskirts

Syrian Arab Army

Several troops of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have continued the cleaning of the countryside of the Syrian capital Damascus and it seems that these Syrian units were successful in recent days. According to some reports and news from the ground, the Syrian army units were able to kill further dozens of foreign-backed militants and jihadists in the outskirts of Damascus.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued the mop-up operations in the Damascus countryside yesterday and these units of the Syrian army were able to kill dozens of the armed radicals, militants and mercenaries near the capital Damascus.

For example, a not specified number of armed militants and jihadists were killed in intense clashes with the units of the Syrian army in the village of Jobar. The Syrian village of Jobar is located about 2 kilometres northeast of Damascus. The official Syrian news agency SANA reported about this successful operation of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

In addition, a so-called hideout of the foreign-backed terrorists was raided in one of these mop-up operations of Syrian soldiers in the town of al-Shifonyeh, which is also located near the capital Damascus. In this process it is reported that “dozens of foreign-sponsored gunmen” were killed, although nobody should forget that one should always reduce the alleged amount of killed terrorists – the Arab sense for emotional and beautifully embellished fairy tales is not to underestimate in such reports.

For example, the records of killed foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists for March differ between the published numbers of ANNA-News and the reports by some news agencies and Facebook Pages, and there is a good reason why they do not match.

In the Syrian town of al-Otaiba, a Syrian army unit was able to kill a group of armed religious fanatics and terrorists. In this battle also one of these vehicles, equipped with a heavy machine gun, was destroyed by this unit of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Another hideout of the terrorists, which are sponsored and supported by Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but also by some European governments, Israel and the US administration, was stormed by Syrian units in the town of al-Abada. Various kinds of ammunition was destroyed and a not specified amount of terrorists killed.

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