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saudi arabia transforms saudi yemen barrier wall

Zionist Tzipi Livni & Qatari Hamad

The totalitarian dictatorship and rotten ruling family of Saudi Arabia has finally begun the construction of a real border wall at the Saudi border to Yemen. Saudi Arabia thus wants to expand the known Saudi-Yemen barrier into a wall in order to prevent the influx of so-called illegal immigrants from Yemen.

According to the propaganda of the Saudi ruling family, the construction of this wall, spanning around 2 thousand kilometres along the Saudi border with Yemen, should also prevent the influx of drug traffickers and radical members of the so-called “Al Qaeda” into Saudi Arabia.

But to be honest, it is known that the Saudi ruling clan has no real problem with Al Qaeda, which has been established by the US administration in former times. The rotten Saudi ruling family supports some specific strings of Al Qaeda, primarily to boost the instability, violence (sectarian violence) and chaos in other Arab states. Not to mention that a lot of jihadists and terrorists are from Saudi Arabia.

It is still not to understand why European governments, Israel and also the US administration have so close ties with the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia (and Qatar) and have a blind eye on their violations of human rights and the brutal crackdowns of peaceful protests on their soil and even in Bahrain – with Western vehicles and devices. Money rules the world and this applies probably for these blind eyes and close connections.

Of course, the situation at the Saudi Arabian border to Yemen was always difficult and there were always smugglers, drug traffickers and even religious radicals who crossed or tried to cross the borders between both states.

But one might say that the close ties between the Zionist administration of Israel and the totalitarian Islamist dictatorship in Saudi Arabia might have given the rotten ruling family in Saudi Arabia the idea to transform the known Saudi-Yemen barrier into a real wall – just like Israel did.

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