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Syria and the European Jihadists

Terrorists in Sheik Maqsoud

Even “the Europeans” have probably to notice slowly that there is a massive influx of Islamists, after European conditions, who penetrate into Syria for war from their time-honoured continent. But not only these European Islamists go to Syria, also people from the autochthonous population do.

But there are not only consents of the fact that the recruiting process gains a momentum in the German press, also in the Belgian press:

“I know that at least a hundred people from Belgium have gone there, maybe there are even a few hundred. In particular, they come from Limburg, Antwerp, Mechelen and Vilvoorde. The youngest of those who I know are 15 or 16 years old. So, child soldiers. I fear that it only will increase, because every day, more are going…”

The Belgian imam means, that these young people will come especially to the jihadists, and very often among the brigade of Abdel Rahman Ayachi, the son of a hate preacher, Bassam Ayachi, who lives in Brussels.

That the recruitment and mobilization structures are now also created in Europe has certainly less to do with the situation that the human resources are running out in the Middle East. It’s about something else that should make everybody sit up and take notice.

The clearly recognizable theory of the asymmetric warfare, which is not to look up somewhere, but based on the “Arab Spring” very noticeable and not to overlook, provides that a certain fermenting agent is necessary for the unleashing of such a war – local jihadists or Islamists, who would be able to start the armed struggle against the relevant state authorities and their following “cry for help” will then put the international jihadist brigades in motion. The war in Syria has begun exactly according to this scenario, although there were not such a massive mobilization structures in the Middle East in the year 2011, by which one is now already able to throw masses of people from failed state entities against unloved governments.

In this respect, as bad as it may sound, is Syria an experimental area. On Syrian territory, a whole series of tasks get addressed, one of them is the question of the organisation of the asymmetric warfare. In Syria, some technologies to recruit and mobilize a large amount of jihadists are being tested, and even such masses, which would be able to dislocate rapidly and to storm against the current enemy.

Here, despite the international characters apart from the religion, also the language is such a common factor; and even the non-Arab Turks, Europeans, Africans, Asians, who study the Quran (Koran), are able to communicate with each other, on a primitive level, at least on the basis of a verbal minimum , which helps them to organize themselves.

Perhaps Europe is gradually discovering the fact: the jihadists, who went to war to Syria, will afterwards come back again at some point. Not all. But those, who will return, will be prepared and also be in a position to repeat their martial exploits again at their residential area (in Europe).

Whether the European powers would be able to systematically cope with the occurring asymmetric fighting in their own field is more than questionable.

Therefore, there is also a slowly alarm (about these jihadist tourists to Syria from European countries) in Europe, that is then and when probably recognizable in the, for example, more realistic reporting in European countries.


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