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Chavez Legacy: Confront US Aggression

The legacy of Hugo Chavez confronts the Western wars and aggressions and set an example as a revolutionary for liberal, social and economic issues in Latin America, a political analyst tells Press TV. In the background to this, over 30 world leaders, including Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have paid their respects to the former Venezuelan President at a high-profile funeral in Caracas on Friday. Chavez, who died on Tuesday at 58 after a two year battle with cancer, was known as the founder of the Bolivarian Revolution movement. He established popular democracy and economic independence and equitably distributed wealth in Latin America. Chavez was one of the key players in the progressive movement that has swept across Latin America over the past few years.

Press TV has interviewed Mr. Chris Bambery, political commentator, London about this issue.


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