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syrian women forced prostitution dire situations refugees camps

Never in a million years have I thought that my countrymen & women would reach this. It took a revolution to rob Syrians of their pride, to force men to prostitute their wives & daughters. Here is a glimpse of what Syrians are enduring to simply survive in the “refugee camps” in Jordan, from The Associated Press:

“Come in, you’ll have a good time,” says Nada, 19, who escaped from the southern border town of Daraa into Jordan several months ago. Her father, sporting a salt-and-pepper beard and a traditional red-checkered headscarf, sits outside in the scorching sun, watching silently.

Nada prices her body at $7, negotiable. She says she averages $70 a day.

Several tents away, a clean-shaven, tattooed young Syrian man who says he was a barber back in the city of Idlib, offers his wife. “You can have her all day for $70,” he says.

Read more:Desperation drives some Syrian women to prostitution – The Denver Post

Why are Syrian women forced to prostitute themselves in the refugee camps, where is the promised aid?! $1.5 billion was promised to them in Kuwait meeting alone ( ), another $60 million recently as well.

7 cases of HIV were discovered recently in Jordan among the Syrian refugees & 39 cases of hepatitis A.

Some would claim that the growing number of the refugees are making it harder to give them all proper aid. Well here’s an older report on the subject ( ). It goes back to 2011, even back then Syrian women were raped & forced to whore themselves in the refugee camps in Turkey.

(Photos from AlZaatari refugee camp in Jordan, it witnessed a big fire yesterday)


– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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