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Breaking: US, UK and France Attack Syria, Commit War Crime

SANA distributed photo of the US, UK and France cooperated attack on Syria.

On the morning of the Muslim’s commemorating Israa and Miraaj, the ascending of prophet Muhammad PBUH to heavens and to Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the pariah states of the USA, UK and France illegally, unlawfully, without consent, without any mandate and without any respect to the international law nor peace and stability in the world, bombed the Syrian Arab Republic.

The evil empire of regimes led by a lunatic at the White House, a poodle at 10 Downing Street and a boy inheriting de Gaulle legacy by destroying it. All of them trying to solve their internal pressing issues on the account of the oldest civilization in the world that never posed any threat against any of their interests anywhere in the world, until now.

The attacks targeted what is said to be a Syrian research center, a military base, and a chemical storage facility, as claimed by propagandists and the mouthpieces of the criminals themselves. Over a 100 missiles were launched on 3 targets within Syria, the ones that passed Syrian Rusian-made air defense systems reached their targets and caused damage.

We are awaiting an official Syrian state statement to specify the casualties and damage.

Qatar, Cyprus, Jordan, UAE, and Israel have also contributed to the attack. US and UK bases in Qatar and Cyprus were used and Israel paved the way by testing the Russian air defense missiles which failed to stop all the incoming air to surface missiles in last week’s Israeli attack against T4 military airbase near Homs.

While the whole international community is awaiting the results of a chemical inspection team arriving in Syria to uncover what really happened in the alleged chemical attack in Douma earlier this month, and while the United Nations is still debating, this doesn’t matter to the bloodthirsty pariahs.

Muslim money was also used to finance the pariah states attacking Syria, especially from Al Saud and Qatar.

The rudeness of the pariah states attacking Syria in disregarding the international law and the United Nation’s whole charter just adds more crimes to their horrific track record.

This crime against humanity should not go unaccounted for, if the citizens of the countries involved do not overthrow the politicians they elected to launch this attack, each citizen of those countries is a partner in crimes against humanity and holds the same blood share their ‘elected’ politicians do hold. No excuse for ignorance or incapability is justified.

Trying to cover up their crimes based on fake alleged chemical attack they only staged, as proven, and to further lie and conceal the real facts on the ground with the help of their massive propagandists gives us very high doubts about the real events that led to the great wars, especially World War II and whatever we were told by the ‘victors in the war’ and should be re-examined in details with doubt of fakery and cover-ups.

Syria does not have any real ally when it comes to the real battle, only in words and referring to international law ignored by the criminals. We said this before and we repeat it now. Unless Russia and Iran make a serious move without useless diplomacy, they are not reliable and Syria should deal with them in similar manners without sacrificing itself to save them as it did during 8 years of war between Iran and Iraq and saving the Russian economy by not approving the Qatari gas pipeline.

Not a single missile targeted terrorist organizations in reality while western mainstream media propgandists were constantly claiming the US and its allies were fighting ISIS, on the ground they were only targeting whoever fights ISIS and its affiliates all over the country.

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    As an American I feel ashamed of what our country and our allies have done. With little proff of the alleged chemical attacks. We American citizens as a whole are kept in the quiet and have little knowledge of the truth. As the world holds it breath. Many of us will pray.

  2. Cassie

    I am american as well..not by choice..and i wish the world was peaceful more then anything. My heart aches knowing innocent lives in syria are being taken and lies are being made to protect this evil. Americans need to wake up. They are stupid and vlind to the truth they believe everything on the news. I think the qhite house wants to piss off people so they attack america…then the government officials that started the drama can hind in u derground bunkers while we shed our blood for there crimes against humanity. God bless syria.


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