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Breaking News: US’s ISIS Massacre 53 Syrians in Eastern Homs

ISIS ISIL Daesh terrorists in the Syrian Desert massacre civilians

The US-sponsored ISIS terrorists committed a horrific massacre killing 53 Syrian farmers in the eastern countryside of the central Syrian province of Homs, five others survived.

Little information coming from the Tadmor (Palmyra) National Hospital, the hospital’s Director Dr. Walid Odeh told the Syrian news agency SANA:

‘The bodies of 53 martyrs arrived at the hospital where it was found after examining them that the death was caused by gunshots to the head.’

The hospital’s director added that ‘five more arrived at the hospital with injuries from shrapnel covering all their bodies,’ Dr. Odeh concluded that the injuries were treated with first aid and were rushed to hospitals in Homs for further treatment.

An eye witness told SANA’s reporter that members of ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) terrorists burned the vehicles of the farmers at the site before fleeing.

The farmers were collecting truffles at a site to the southeast of the city of Al-Sukhna in Syria’s open desert in Homs’s eastern countryside when they were ambushed and massacred by the US-created, funded, trained, armed, and commanded ISIS terrorists.

Syria has not awakened yet from the devastating earthquake that continues to score more victims by the day which came after 12 years of the US-led war of terror and war of attrition to be further dishearted by this new massacre.

A Syrian analyst who spoke to Syria News on the condition of anonymity said he’s wondering: “Shouldn’t the US military be more concerned shooting down weather balloons and hobby drones over the USA itself instead of commanding terrorist groups in Syria and massacring civilians?”

During his two terms as vice president under the former US war criminal woke Nobel Peace Laurette Barack Obama, the incumbent US President Joseph Biden was involved in targeting independent countries with military coups, colored revolutions, terrorism insurgencies, biological warfare, assassinations, and direct war aggressions on behalf of the Zionist group controlling the USA which he’s a faithful servant of.

Syria and Iraq were targeted with the worse kind of terrorism by Biden under the guise of the CIA-sponsored color revolution dubbed Arab Spring, while engineering the overthrow of the democratically elected Ukrainian President and starting the war in the Donbas continuing through this day and threatening a nuclear world war. The ‘adults are back’ in the USA to continue their war crimes against humanity.

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  1. Roy

    I’m almost not surprised at all because earlier today he was complaining about the aid that Syria got. Obviously, this isn’t just a hate crime against Syria, but also most against most Americans and Israeli citizens as well. Judaism has always been prone to abuses by the powerful but especially more so after they killed all those Jews in Eastern Europe during the US sponsored WW2 ; terrorism plan and simple against anyone who dares challenge them. The Rothschild family, who claim that the messiah is coming from their family seems to think that they can play me to he their anti Christ, but obviously they must kill me first, not that they dont ever give up, but apparently they think that if they destroy everything I care about, like how they murdered my family. I call on God to answer this assault on humanity.


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