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Breaking: Israel Bombs Southern Syria Killing 3 Syrian Army Soldiers

Israel bombs the outskirts of Aleppo 11 September 2020

Israel bombed the southern Syrian region at early dawn killing 3 Syrian Army soldiers, the explosions were heard in Damascus.

A Syrian military spokesperson declared: ‘At 3:11 am the Zionist enemy carried out an aggression from the occupied Syrian Golan toward the southern region, the SAA air defense confronted the incoming missiles and dropped a number of them.’

The source added that the new Israeli aggression killed 3 Syrian Army soldiers and injured one more, it also resulted in material damage.

This story is developing, we will update it when more information is available.

Throughout the past 9 years and especially after the US-backed ‘Moderate Rebels’ in Syria attacked and destroyed a number of Syria’s remote air defense units, the Israelis carried out a large number of attacks against the Syrian army and the Syrian infrastructure, taking advantage of the full protection and massive weaponry provided by the US regimes of Obama continued by Trump.

The regime of foreign imported Jewish settlers rushed to aid Al Qaeda terrorists, dubbed by western mainstream media as ‘moderate rebels’, whenever the terrorists were losing ground.

Embattled Netanyahu of Israel with the corruption cases against him in his own regime’s courts going on, and in need of diverting the settlers’ attention from his failing economic conduct, is carrying out these stunts, he also needs to keep the US engaged in Syria while his buddy Trump is still there, Trump is also fighting to hold on the office, and a regional war would help them both.

It’s also no coincidence that the Israeli escalations come just after Trump and his minister of defense declared their plans to withdraw the US cannon fodders from Iraq and Afghanistan, a Trump’s 2016 election promise which the Israeli lobby in control of the US foreign policies is desperate to prevent as it needs ‘others’ to defend its expansionist goals.

Syria, and its allies fighting terror, are refraining thus far from retaliating in kind to the Israeli continuous aggression, focusing more on defeating the world’s largest army of terrorists and its NATO occupation forces on Syrian territories and building up Syria’s armed forces to defend the country. One of these latest Israeli attacks killed a Hezb Allah soldier south of Damascus end of July and resulted in Israeli troops fleeing far south of the borders with Lebanon after Hezb Allah’s chief vowed to avenge the killing, while another Israeli attack, on October 21st, targeted an elementary school in the southern Syrian province of Quneitra.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    A war will bring back more US troops and much more US engagement in the region, especially the Israelis will make sure there will be casualties among the US forces, just like they’ve done so many times before.

  2. Blackeyes

    The zio-Israeli : they are again at it, bombing eveything at their will.
    Time for Syria to give zio-Israel “Golan Heights” a real Syrian Arabian Army “Treatment” and throw the zionists from Syrian land.

    All respect to the Syrian Arabian Army witg its brave soldiers.
    God bless Syria.


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