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Breaking: Israel Bombs Al Safirah Region in Southern Aleppo Countryside

Israel bombs Al Safirah near Aleppo Syria 19 July 2021

Israel’s monthly war criminal bombing of Syria took place in al Safirah, southeast Aleppo countryside, 19 July late-night Damascene time. SANA reported that most of the missiles were intercepted by its air defense system, while Israel reports that SANA reported all the missiles were shot down and no casualties were reported.

A Syrian military spokesperson stated that: ‘At approximately 23:37 in the evening of Monday 19 July, the Israeli enemy carried out an air aggression towards southeast Aleppo, targeting some points in the Al-Safirah area,’ the source added: ‘our air defenses confronted the aggression’s missiles and shot down most of them,’ indicating that ‘the losses were limited to material.’

There is a factories complex for the Syrian Arab Army in Al Safirah region.

Videos of the Syrian Arab Army air defense units addressing the incoming missiles were circulated by SANA and social media users:

The video is also on YouTube and BitChute.

There’s a new Israeli ‘cabinet’ but that only means a different style in continuing the Israeli war crimes, especially by the current weird combination of parties in the last apartheid regime in the world trying to prove their worthy of the trust of the anti-Jewish Israeli settlers by exceeding the crimes of their predecessors.

Israel also is panicking seeing the US military withdrawal from the region which means losing the protection of the US cannon fodders sent to be sacrificed to defend the Israeli settlers, therefore, Israel is trying to start a regional war to engage the US military before their departure by provoking the resistance camp which includes Syria, Iran, Hezb Allah, Iraqi resistance groups, Yemen, the Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza, and non-state patriotic parties in the region.

The junta of Joseph Biden would not mind a regional war even if its camp loses it, the US regimes are known to be ‘pragmatic’ and ‘creative chaos’ is their state policy no matter what the outcome is as long as their citizens continue voting for the same recycled faces and as long as their taxpayers are ready to foot the bills for the US wars around the globe.

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