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Biden Forces in the Syrian Al Omar Oil Field Bombed, Casualties Reported

Biden forces democratizing Syrian oil fields - قوات بايدن تسرق النفط السوري

Biden forces ‘democratizing’ the Syrian Al Omar oil field were bombed and reports of injuries among the oil thieves, the bombing sent the occupiers into a hysteric frenzy calling on their air force to comb most of the Deir Ezzor province looking for the attackers, multiple sources confirmed.

At least 2 oil thieves were injured, the Pentagon claimed, the oil thieves are part of the Biden Forces regiment stealing the Syrian oil in the Al Omar oil field in the southeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor province in the northeast of Syria, the Pentagon, as usual, did not elaborate on the status of the casualties, our experience tells the numbers of their casualties is always much larger and worse than what they officially admit.

US former commander in chief Donald Trump sets the tasks of the US army in Syria: ‘Take the oil, I like oil.’

Syrian resistance forces have repeatedly targeted the US forces in Syria over the past couple of years, especially after the US army started stealing Syrian oil and wheat and smuggling them into northern Iraq then through Turkey and selling them to Israel, it’s one thing to steal the oil from the Syrian people, it’s totally another thing to finance the temporary Zionist entity of Israel with the oil stolen from Syrian.

So far, nobody claimed responsibility for the latest attack on the US oil thieves, the NATO-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists joined the oil thieves in their search of the attackers. The Kurdish terrorists themselves were targeted in a series of attacks resulting in at least one SDF terrorist being eliminated and two others injured a day earlier, on Wednesday 6 April.

The attack on the Kurdish SDF terrorists was carried out by the Popular Resistance Forces in the Al Qala’a neighborhood of the city of Hajin in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, machine guns were used in the attack as per local sources.

Syrians in the northeastern provinces of Hasakah, Deir Ezzor, and Raqqa have escalated their targeting of the US and Kurdish SDF illegals in their regions in retaliation to the continuous war crimes by these and other NATO illegals including the Turkish army and its Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups. The war crimes of killing, kidnapping, displacing the Syrians,8 and destroying the infrastructure in the region, these war crimes continue to be unreported by the entire western mainstream outlets because it’s committed against the Syrian people and committed by NATO.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Blood suckers, sucking our oil and leaving us with no electricity, we pray they suffer as much as they made us and the rest of the world suffer.


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