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Bashar al-Assad: Syria will Defend Itself Against Aggression

Damascus, Rally, Bashar al-Assad

UK imitates US: We can attack Syria without UN approval.

While the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that Syria will defend itself against any aggression by foreign powers, it seems that Britain is trying to imitate the usual behaviour in terms of any rhetoric of war by the U.S. administration in Washington because the British government said again that it can take military action against the Syrian government in Damascus without the approval by the United Nations (e.g. UN Security Council / UNSC).

Of course, this would in principle pose a violation of international law, but under the consideration that every war of aggression is already such a violation and with having in mind the recent history in terms of such wars of aggressions by Western powers, who should stop Washington and London when they really want to go to war against Syria? The United Nations (UN)? Tell it to the marines!

And while the British administration has actually said that it does not need an approval by the UN Security Council (UNSC) to carry out military actions against Syria, there are also some new statements from the Syrian side.

For example, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad not only said that Syria will be victorious in case the United States really start to wage war against the Arab country, but he also said that the Syrian nation will defend itself against any aggression and that the Arab country and its people are determined to crush the Israeli-backed terrorists who are operating and fighting in Syria against the secular government.

Syria’s President al-Assad said that Syria is determined “to crush the Israeli-backed terrorists operating against his government”. The determination for resistance against the imperialist threats by the Syrian people has been already underlined by Iran’s Armed Forces Major General, Firouzabadi, just today.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad made further remarks during a meeting with a delegation from Yemen in the capital, Damascus. For example, the President of Syria said in the presence of the delegation of Yemeni politicians that “threats will only increase its (Syria’s) commitment to its principles and its independence.” Bashar al-Assad also pointed out, as mentioned, that Damascus is determined to crush the Israeli-backed terrorists operating against his government.

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad said the following on Thursday:

“Syria, with its resistant people and valiant army, is determined to wipe out terrorism which is being backed by Israel and Western nations to serve their own purposes of sowing division in the region, fragmenting its people and forcing them into submission.”

And although the UN inspectors in Syria are going to leave the country already on Saturday morning, the planned Iranian delegation will not cancel its visit to Damascus. Come what may, the Iranian parliamentary delegation will travel to the Syrian capital “under any circumstances” if a military strike is launched against Damascus.

According to the spokesperson of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Iran, Seyyed Hossein Naqavi Hosseini, the parliamentary delegation will travel to Syria under any circumstances and a military attack against Syria will not prevent the visit to Damascus. That sounds like some have balls. However, although the reasons for the visit to Syria are known, it is questionable whether all details around this visit of the Iranian parliamentary delegation to Syria were really published.

According to the known information about the visit of the Iranian delegation to Syria, it is said that the visit aims to assess the situation in the Arab country and to show the support of Tehran for the Syrian government in Damascus and the Syrian people after the recent war threats by Washington against the Syrian nation.

Damascus, Rally, Bashar al-Assad
Damascus, Rally, Bashar al-Assad

Hossein Naqavi Hosseini further said in terms of the planned visit that the Iranian parliamentary delegation, including the chairman and members of the Iranian Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, will “go ahead with its plan to visit Syria”, and will not call it off.

And besides the British swaggering that they can attack Syria without any approval by the UN Security Council (UNSC), there are at least also some good news from the UK. According to the recent information about the current stance of the British opposition party, the Labour Party, it seems that the majority of the Labour Party is not really convinced to wage another senseless war against a country of the Middle East.

Maybe they also thing that it is finally enough with wars based on foreign-implemented pretexts and lies. However, although the recent statements by the Labour Party leader Ed Miliband and another source from the opposition in the UK sound good, it remains to be seen whether Britain will support this war against Syria or not in the end.

Just like the EU recently, also the leader of the British Labour Party, Ed Miliband, has now demanded “compelling evidence” from the guys in Washington for the accusations by the United States against the Syrian government in Damascus that they have used chemical weapons against Syrian civilians – because it is time to “learn the lessons of Iraq.”

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    • Canthama

      Woow, that Moon of Alabama is indeed and incredibly well written case to debacle the CW case against the Syrian Government. The JIO report is simply pathetic, I am amazed smart people make money and lead governments to write down such embarassing report. Shame on them.

      • Arklight

        So that’s it, huh? Some special forces or SAS have gotten killed inside Syria, and neither US nor UK wants the evidence of the invasion made public? If Syria does have American or British active duty military in Syrian possession, the time to shout it to the world would be when it happened. Secrecy is only a valid concern up to the point where it becomes counter productive Recall, if you will, when Georgia invaded South Osettia and active duty American military lead the charge and were killed. The US had ‘promised’ to support Georgia against Russia, but the dead Americans put a stopper in that plan. Syria, if you’ve got American or British troops in hand, take the pictures, post ’em on YouTube and maybe, just maybe, Obama will get his head out of his booty.

    • Hussaini

      send warships to technologically far not so advance country in middle east , showing off military might to kill innocence civilians by waging war against an Arab Country does make any sense? Joblessness , poverty increasing day by day in our country united states n war mangrove in Washington do not do any thing for American people.
      Our Freedom Are Not stack by gassing Syrian civilian ? our national Interest are Not at Stack? I am tired of paying my taxes which Washington war mangroves’ are throwing billions waging senseless wars . where world was at when more than 100,000 been killed in Syria by rebels and regime ? When rebels use chemical weapon excessed through inside connection to set Assad Regime ,because Assad Regime was winning war against jihadi and terrorist in Syria supported by Israel, Saudi, Qatari and united states . setting up gas attack so united states make case against Assad Regime to strike that country which is can be benefited to Israel and Others . United states wants to eliminate Chemical Stock Pile of Syria so Israel can sleep better . Arab, Muslims, and Christians shade their Blood because of Jews. United states going to strike Syria to safe guard Israel and same time united states want to establish regime changes ,so new regime can forget about claiming stolen Golan height from Syria and same time they want to curb influence of Iran and Hezbollah . Many More thing they can achieve if Assad regime demolished. I wasted my vote For Barak Husain Obama. American president should not impose killing sections on Iran because alleged it s Nuclear program . These killing sections are killing innocent thousands of Iranian children. President has made case of these killing sections by supporting Israel. American president should have image of compassion, but when he beating drum of senseless war his image appear no more than common gangster.

  1. Serbia

    I do not understand, whether the patient is more important position and privileges of his people? Does his post of chairman is more important than lives of innocent children, women, civilians and destroyed the country? Was it all worth the horror that you’ve done your people? I I’m from Srbije.I we had, Milosevic, madmen and selfish bastard, as Asad.Nadam that Asad will end up like Milosevic, Saddam and Gaddafi! shame that so many were waiting! It should be much earlier militarily intervene and save the innocent people! Freedom to the people of Syria!

    • Arklight

      Hi, Serbia, welcome to the forum. Just a suggestion; read some of the articles and think about them a bit before you compare President Assad to characters in your own history. We are always tempted to make an evaluation based upon what we know, or have seen, in our own experience, not always a reliable guide. The days are past when some government, government flunky or even head of State can pull a fairy tale out of his hat, sprinkle it with pixie dust, and have it hit the top of the best seller list.

  2. Canthama

    Strongly recommend you watch this interview by James Corbett on Madre Agnes Mariam, she lives near Damascus and shares her thoughts around the CW event and Syria as a whole. A powerful message that needs to get viral.


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