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Bashar al-Assad: Syria Will Be Victorious Against US

Syrian President Assad inspects Army Soldiers in Daraya

France: President Hollande reduces the war rhetoric against Syria.

Three new and alleged “breaking news” in terms of a possible military strike on Syria. However, the statement by the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, that the UN inspectors will leave Syria on Saturday morning is probably the most important of these news. But some like such statements of the Syrian President and others are glad when such a country as France tones down its rhetoric of war against Syria.

Under consideration of these three news it is quite questionable what will really happen in the upcoming days in regards of a possible military strike, some call it a military intervention (although a war remains a war and nothing else), on Syria.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in a new remark in the eye of the storm that his country will be victorious in any military confrontation with the United States and its known proxy states and allies. And yes, this is all what he has said (more here). There is so far no more information about the new statements by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad available.

However, Syria’s President is in Syria and has not left the Arab nation in direction to Iran or Russia. The rumours about the Syrian President al-Assad in the recent articles by the Israeli media were false. No surprise. DEBKAfile, for example, is a lot but rarely a credible source.

According to this statement of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, Damascus will be victorious in case the U.S. military and its allies wage a war against the country. However, in reality, they have already lost – at least, the Syrian people lost and they will even lose more in case Washington really launches its airstrikes on Syria.

Any war against Syria will only increase the violence and has dire consequences for Syria, the Syrian people and even the entire Middle East.

The warnings by Iran, Russia, China, and Italy as well as many other governments as well as anti-war campaigners and political analysts against a military attack on Syria are comprehensible and a war is no solution to the Syrian conflict.

In regards of the statement by President Bashar al-Assad, it is questionable how Syria will be victorious but he probably knows more about the reactions of Syria’s allies in case the United States will really begin their war on Syria in order to implement their agenda and interests – it is all about the money and the protection and extension of Israel. No question.

Meanwhile, it seems that the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and even the French President Hollande have toned down their rhetoric of war against Syria and in case of David Cameron, it is even said that he might have felt the rejection of the majority against a war on Syria, and thus, Cameron has the interest to maintain his position, he allegedly toned down his rhetoric of war against Syria and even might get rid of his support of such a military strike against Damascus.

Maybe the recent anti-war protests in the famous Downing Street (London) already were helpful to “change” the stance of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. Indeed, it would not be the first U-turn by David Cameron within the recent months. But because nobody should trust them too much as long as such a person like the war criminal Tony Blair is not in prison, one should remain sceptical.

Syrian President Assad inspects Army Soldiers in Daraya
Syrian President Assad inspects Army Soldiers in Daraya

However, similar news come from Paris now. It is reported that the French President Hollande also has toned down his rhetoric of war against Syria, and thus, decreased his support for the U.S. war on Syria, as mentioned.

According to the short report about the alleged decrease of the rhetoric of war by the French President Francois Hollande, it is said that Hollande made the new remark that everything has to be done to find a political solution on the Syrian conflict. This remark is truly in contrast to the previous statements out of Paris.

Earlier statements by France and even by Hollande have supported a military strike (military action) against the Syrian government in Damascus. Of course, the decrease of the rhetoric of war against Syria by the French President Hollande and the British Prime Minister David Cameron can say a lot or nothing at all.

At least, it is to note that France and Britain have backtracked a little bit in terms of their chants for war against Syria. Let`s see how Washington and US President Barack Obama will react.

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  1. M. Klostermayr

    Here is more in terms of the remarks by Syrian President al-Assad:

    “Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said the Syrians are waiting for the US intervention, and promise to get out of this war victorious.

    During his latest meeting with Syrian military leaders after speculations grew on a US military strike on allegations of chemical attack on Damascus, Assad said that “since the beginning of the crisis, and we were sure that the moment will come when our real enemy knocks his head into our country intervening,” adding that he knows well that the Syrian leaders’ morals are high and “you are on high readiness to face any aggression and protect homeland”.

    “This is a historic confrontation that we will come out of victorious,” he ended up saying.”

  2. Canthama

    We need less bravata from all and more actions if we all want this attack not to happen, there are only 2 ways to do it :
    1) People on the street or web showing they against this strike, this has political effect and it seems it is already reducing appetite for attacking Syria.
    2) Russia and China to step up as permanent members of UNSC to send warships to the Syrian coast and show to the world their veto power among the 5 nations with permanent seats in the UNSC.

  3. Canthama

    One more thing, we need Bashar Al Assad to stop talk talk talk and finally present all his evidence that the Syrian Government is clean on this mess, make it public and prove to the world. Unless it is one word against the order. Syria has to take charge in proving they are clean with a compeling case as well : if not thru fake videos (as many in the web now) with names, time, brigades involved, location, what chemical were used etc…No need for the Un team to do it if Syria had already done it and presented to the world, of course it would lack credibility but would counter what Israel is presenting…names, moves, satellite images, locations etc…by now this is what US/Uk/France have….Israel info.

    • M. Klostermayr

      indeed.. that`s also what I am saying since two years. When they have evidence, they have to show it. No Question! Its about time.. or all is just talk talk talk. Same applies for the accusations by Washington, of course.

  4. Peace Seeker

    Well, we see a proxy situation in the case of syria.Its neither good nor bad, if US attacks on syria. If syria attacked then the impact will be bad to worst.. Nothing but, WW3.Now it all depends on the decision of the UN inspectors and finaly Obama.


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