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Bankimoon Warns of the Consequences of the War in Syria

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Russia sends another landing ship towards Syria.

While the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who is even designated as “UN Clown” by some of his staff, has yet again warned against the dire consequences of a possible US-led military attack on Syria and stated that the consequences of a US strike on Damascus will be extremely grave, the Russian administration has sent another landing ship toward Syria and this is possible a sign for the stance of Moscow in terms of the plans by the United States to launch a military intervention, actually a full-scale war, against the Arab country.

In terms of the recent statements by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the warnings about the dire consequences of a possible US-led military strike on Syria are nothing new. It is even simply the logical result of a war against another country.

However, in regards of a possible US-led strike against Damascus, the consequences would even be more intense, not only for the Syrian people and the Arab country, but also for the entire region of the Middle East – and perhaps not only for the Middle East.

While the Russian Foreign Ministry has recently warned about the possibility of a nuclear disaster in case American warheads would hit the nuclear reactors near the Syrian capital Damascus, the Iranian rhetoric seems to imply more and more that the administration in Tehran will not only watch when Washington really attacks Damascus.

Not to mention that the sending of another landing ship by Moscow towards Syria is also a sign, of course. A sign by Russia towards the backers and supporters of a war against Syria. Among the supporters of such a war on Syria are the usual war profiteers and companies, but also the administration of Barack Obama in Washington, under pressure of the Israel Lobby and the regime in Tel Aviv, including the governments in France and Britain, and parts of the German administration, also under pressure by the Israeli regime. However, these governments are also included in the term “war profiteers.”

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in his recent statement that a possible US-led military strike against Syria will have “extremely grave consequences” and that the further militarization of the conflict and turmoil in and around Syria must be avoided in any case.

On the side-lines of the current G20 summit in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, Ban Ki-moon stated that he has to war against the “serious and tragic consequences” of the “ill-considered military action” by the United States.

Abdul Samad Issa is standing on the right with his gun, and he fires the first headshot.
Abdul Samad Issa is standing on the right with his gun, and he fires the first headshot.

Afterwards, the UN chief pointed out that any further militarization of the Syrian conflict must be avoided that that the only solution that will really resolve the conflict and crisis in Syria will be political solution. Every side has to search for a political settlement instead of calling for a war on Syria, so the UN Secretary General.

UN Chief Ban Ki-moon further said in terms of the Syrian conflict and the situation in and around Syria that the “humanitarian crisis in Syria is “unprecedented in recent history.” He went on saying, “As some flee the country, others dig in to fight.”

As mentioned in terms of the next Russian landing ship towards the Syrian coast, there is currently not much information available. It is neither known the real type of this warship nor the model. It is just reported that another Russian landing ship is underway towards Syria amid the increasing threats of a US-led strike against Syria.

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