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American Taxpayers Send More Weapons, Equipment to Illegals, Terrorists, in Syria


Trump illegals deliver military supplies & trucks to its terrorist SDF militia in Qamishli, 6 August 2019. This route continues to be used. Courtesy: American taxpayers.

American taxpayers’ gifts of tens of millions in weapons, military and logistical equipment for oil thieves and other terrorists arrived in Syria, 17 January, via Trump regime occupation forces. This is the fourth or fifth such illegal delivery since early August 2019.

Hasaka, SANA- A new US convoy containing tens of vehicles loading military and logistic equipment entered the Syrian territory to reinforce the US occupation points in oil fields areas in Hasaka and Deir Ezzor countryside

Local sources in Qamishli city said that on Thursday a US convoy containing 75 trucks loading armored vehicles, munitions, and logistics reinforcements were entered illegitimately through the river crossing of Simalka that links northern Iraq with Syria heading towards the oil fields in Hasaka and Deir Ezzor in support of US occupation forces’ points and QSD groups there. — Shaza

“QSD” is the Arabic acronym for the Obama-created foreign mercenary wetworkers militia named for the serf separatists/traitor cannon fodder, SDF, fake betrayed by the Trump regime.

Swamp Drunk Trump - Was elected to drain the swamp and instead became swamp drunk
Swamp drunk Trump

American taxpayers find themselves in the midst of crumbling cities with epidemic homelessness and reemergence of diseases long since eradicated. American taxpayers have yet been permitted to clean the water in Flint. American taxpayers must crowdfund for funerals and to alleviate medical debts, pre-mortem.

Founded 1865, permanently closed 2019: Hahnemann University Hospital, Philly. American taxpayers were not permitted to keep it open.

American taxpayers fund war crimes for the military-industrial complex, a bipartisan, extra-governmental organization.

Miri Wood

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