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Aleppo Explosions Explained

The west and their propaganda machine has not got tired lying and their Sheeple has not got tired believing their lies and we will not get tired exposing their lies. Whitewashing the terrorists and their acts to use them in the war of attrition against the Syrian state is the official policy of NATO and their regional stooges.

Syrian ambassador to the United Nations explains the cause and results of the latest Aleppo explosions in this short clip  – with English subtitles:


The first incident was a result of the SAA, the Syrian Arab Army shelling of a terrorist den in al-Bab neighborhood in Aleppo, where the world’s filthiest filth terrorists were plotting to carry out terrorist attacks against the city of Aleppo and its residents. The shelling caused the deaths of 81 terrorists and no civilians.

The second incident was when a weapons depot stored by a terrorist group in al-Shaar neighborhood in Aleppo blew up and resulting in a large number of casualties among the terrorists and sadly took the lives of 51 civilians. Storing weapons and munition inside residential buildings is a technique used by the coward terrorists and this is one of the patterns that keep on repeating.

Only a fool would believe that an Army officer would target his own family by direct shelling and an Army soldier would actually receive such an order and act upon it. I don’t have a word that describes those who believe that all the Syrian Arab Army and other Syrian Armed Forces of over 200,000 will keep on killing their own families over more than 4 years and continue to do so to defend a politicians!! Sheeple comes to my mind, but even that has limits for stupidity.

sheeple family
A typical Sheeple Family

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable.

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