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3 Civilians Killed 7 Injured in a Terrorist Explosion in Sweida City

Sweida terrorist attack using booby trapped motorbike

A new terrorist attack targeted the city of Sweida south of Syria this evening, 03rd July 2019, using a booby-trapped motorbike.

3 civilians were killed and 7 others injured when the motorbike was detonated with remote control on the Qanawat Road in the city.

The injured civilians and the bodies of the martyrs were taken to the National Hospital of Sweida where the injured are receiving medical treatment.

Director of the National Hospital in Sweida Dr. Hasan Amro stated that the injuries are light to moderate and the status of the injured are stable now.

Sweida (As Suwayda) city has been high on the targets of the assorted terrorist groups working under the command of the US and its coalition of evil countries seeking to effect a regime change in Syria. Sweida city has been steadfast in its resistance to the fake colored terrorist revolution in the country and its people paid a hefty price in blood and suffering resisting the foreign intervention in the country by terror.

On July 25, 2018, a heinous massacre was carried out by herds of ISIS terrorist remnants who operate from the area protected by US forces in the Tanf Base at the furthest Syria – Iraq – Jordan borders in the Syrian desert. ISIS massacred 215 civilians, injured 180 others and kidnapped 27 women and children.

The regime of Donald Trump holds up to 28,000 Syrian residents hostages in the infamous Rukban Concentration Camp near Tanf using a proxy militia called Maghaweer Thawra. Syria and Russia have repeatedly called on the United Nations Security Council to end the misery and suffering of the families held in inhumane conditions in this camp by the US and its proxies. ISIS and other terrorist groups use the shield provided by the US forces to group and carry out terrorist attacks from that area towards Sweida province and the countryside of Homs and Tadmor (Palmyra) to its north.

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