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Iran to Reach the Mediterranean through Iraq and Syria Railway

Iran - Iraq - Syria Railway

Iran will get to the Mediterranean bypassing the dangerous waters of ever challenged Strait of Hormuz, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea, and the Suez Canal, where US satellite states and US Navy are present and threatening this ancient trade route.

The US sanctions imposed on Iran and Syria and the invasion of Iraq have brought these three countries closer together as their people have paid and are still paying a hefty price to thwart the US hegemonic plans to control the region and beyond. Syria slaying the Project for the New American Century PNAC has put an end for the evil dreams of those behind it who are squeezing the resources of the United State of America and all of its allies and stooges for plans, not at all in the interests of the people of any country in the US camp.

The following report by Lebanese news channel Al-Mayadeen sheds a light on the railway project that will link Iran directly to the Mediterranean through Iraq, its route, its economic benefits and the parties behind it, English translation transcript below the video:

Video also available on BitChute:

English translation transcript:

The Directorate of Iranian Railways announced the readiness to begin the implementation of the plans of the railways between Shalamche, (Iran), Basra, Iraq, and Lattakia, Syria, which means linking the port of Imam Khomeini to the Syrian port of Latakia in the Mediterranean Sea.

In March, President Hassan Rowhani paid an official visit to Iraq, during which he signed numerous trade, industrial and financial agreements, the most important being what was finally revealed through a railway project linking the Iranian city of Shalamche to Syrian Lattakia through Iraqi Basra.

The link will be through a railway line between the Iranian cities of Shalamche with a length of 32 km with Iraqi Basra and the line will continue after that towards Syria, where the port of Imam Khomeini on the Iranian side of the Gulf waters will link with the Syrian port of Latakia in the Mediterranean.

Iran bypass Strait of Hormuz, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, Red Sea and Suez Canal to reach the Mediterranean
Iran will bypass the Strait of Hormuz, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, Red Sea and Suez Canal to reach the Mediterranean

The director of the Iranian railway company revealed that Baniyad Mostazafan Foundation in Tehran will be the investor and contractor for the implementation of the project and the work will commence after about 3 months and that the execution and finance will be from Iran.

This long railway route will lead to an economic and vital link between three neighboring countries, these countries are subject to blockade, sanctions and trade and financial restrictions, particularly Damascus and Tehran, and this railway will contribute to the strengthening of trade relations between the three countries and facilitate the transport of goods time and cost.

The trade relations are being strengthened and varied, especially between Iran and Iraq, where a mechanism has been agreed to allow Iraq to pay for the imported Iranian energy with Iraqi Dinar, which can be used by Iran to buy humanitarian goods exclusively.

As Iraq imports electricity from Iran to compensate for the shortage of electricity production, especially in the summer season, where energy consumption increases significantly. Iraq also imports dry gas from Iran to feed generators that run on this fuel.

End of English translation transcript.

One of the main goals behind the US War of Terror it waged against Syria is to bring the Qatari gas to Europe through Syria and Turkey to strangle Iran economically and deprive Russia of its gas exports to Europe keeping it as a large powerless state. Thanks only to the steadfastness of the Syrian people, their massive sacrifices, and their pride, the world will have multi-polar again and not under the mercy of the US and its evil camp of lackeys, poodles, and stooges.

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