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Another terrorist explosion targeted the eastern city of Hermel on Saturday night, killing and injuring many civilians.Hermel blast Feb 1

It was reported that four civilians were martyred and other 22 were wounded.

The blast took place near al-Aytam petrol station, adding that the attack was a suicide attack.

The suicide bomber was driving a 4×4 Grand Cherokee car, noting that the Civil defense was working to transfer the martyrs and the injured from the blast scene.

Al-Nusra Front terrorist group claimed, via Twitter, responsibility for the blast, adding that it comes in the context of what it called “revenge invasions.”

The Lebanese minister also described the security situation as “unstable and heading everyday into the worst.”

Shortly following the explosion, the Lebanese army cordoned off the area.

For his part, State Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr tasked the military police to start probing the explosion.

Lebanese Army: Hermel Explosion Executed by Suicide Bomber in a Cherokee Vehicle Model

The explosion which occurred around 6:25 p.m. on Saturday at the “Orphans” gas station in the city of Hermel was caused by a suicide bomber who blew himself up inside a “Grand Cherokee” vehicle, leading to several fallen victims and material damages, a Lebanese Army communiqué indicated.

As a result, Army units immediately enforced a strict security blockade around the scene of the explosion, while a military police unit and concerned experts examined the place to unveil the details of the attack, the Army communiqué added.


And today,just an hour ago..another suicide attack took place.
A powerful terrorist blast hit Shwayfat area on Monday, south east the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

Media reports stated that a suicide bomber has attacked a white-colored passenger bus owned by Hussein Msheik, a Lebanese citizen, on the main road in Shwayfat.
But only 2 were injured an the owner of the bus survived to tell the story
and this is what he said:”a 22 year old man entered to the bus and suddenly i noticed that his belly looks strange somehow inflated … directly i knew something was wrong so did he know i knew so …i rushed with the bus to take him to the nearest police station when he exploded”.
The bomb was only 10 kg.

The animal's head  (suicide bomber )
The animal’s head
(suicide bomber )

And it was said that he didnt intend to blow up him self in the bus but rather use this bus as a transportation to get inside al dahyeah.


And just today,did we know that the suicide bomber asked the bus driver to take him to the gas facility in beir hassan.

So now we knew what he wanted to do and how bad would the circumstances be if he had succeeded  in reaching there.


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  1. Wojtek

    Assad forces seen massing for ‘final push’ into Aleppo
    The sources said thousands of troops as well as main battle tanks and armored personnel vehicles arrived in bases around Syria’s largest city amid the flight of its residents.
    “The Assad regime believes that the rebels are weak enough for a final push,” a source said.
    The rebels have been significantly weakened in northern Syria.


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