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So Called Syrian Rebels:Thank you isreal (israhell)

Al Qaeda in Syria get taken to Rambam for free medical care.

The Israeli occupation army established a field hospital on the Golan Heights to treat the Syrian injured militants who belong to the terrorist group in golan hospitals in Syria.

golan hospital
golan hospital

These groups have treated over 700 of their injured militants in that hospitals, according to Israeli media outlets.

The Zionist army prevented the media outlets from broadcasting the activities of the field hospital yet allowed the Second Channel to prepare a report about it in order to promote the “humane Israeli step towards the Syrians.”


The report mainly focused on the Israeli intentions behind treating the militants, clarifying that the Israelis aim at strengthen and deepen their relations with the terrorist groups in Syria in order to keep the calm and stability which now prevails between these groups and Israel at Palestinian-Syrian borders.

The report also included interviews with a number of the militants who stated that “Zionism is not macabre as it has been portrayed by the Syrian regime.”
“The regime used to force us to believe that our enemy is all the surrounding world, yet after the beginning of the revolution, we recognized our real friends and real enemies.”

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      • nabila

        It is always the intention that counts. Of course it seems to be something good to give medical care to injured. But hey, why the israelis don’t care for injured Palestinian in that extent? Here medical care is a kind of weapon. They just don’t want to loose their brainwashed fighting-slaves to early, so they offer them some kind of treatement.

  1. simopitavoqarr

    its time to seek forgiveness, repentance and to realize that we are all brothers and sisters… gone are the days of hatred and enmity. keep on doing good Israel.

  2. Henry

    Anyone with a scintilla of common sense must ask, why is the Government of the US interested in the affairs of a foreign country such as Ukraine, when in reality the US is swamped with a very long list of domestic problems of its own? It is because the Talmudic Zionist Jewish Bankers, and the Zionist imposters of the US Department of State are determined to overthrow the Government of Ukraine because Russia successfully blocked a Zionist engineered military strike on Syria, which was to be carried out by their American lackeys a few months ago. Consequently, the main objective of the Talmudic Zionist Jews is to overthrow the government of President Viktor Yanukovych in order to move the country away from Russian influence, and by installing in its place a puppet government, just like the Talmudic Zionist Jewish Bankers have been doing it in the United States of America for the past 100 years, through the oppressive and illegal Federal Reserve System.

  3. astaris

    The picture isn’t the Golan field hospital, it’s clearly the Emergency wing of Rambam Hospital in Haifa. From what I’ve heard, the Israelis treat in Ziv Hospital in Safed all wounded Syrians brought to the border, regardless of regime or rebel affiliation. Hundreds have been treated, including many complicated operations, all at the expense of the Israeli taxpayer. And following on the comment above, of course they treat Palestinians too. Hundreds are transferred from Hamas-controlled Gaza to Israel every year, for surgery in Israeli hospitals. Hadassa and Shaarei Zedek hospitals in Jerusalem have 30-40% East Jerusalem and West Bank Palestinian patients.

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