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14 HTS Terrorists Killed in an Explosion in a Weapons Depot in Idlib

Turkey NATO Sponsored Hayat Tahrir Sham HTS Terrorists in Idlib

At least 14 terrorists of the so-called HTS group were killed and several others injured in an explosion in a weapons depot in ‘the last stronghold of Al Qaeda in Syria’ the Idlib province yesterday, multiple sources confirmed.

The number of dead Turkish-sponsored terrorists might rise due to the severe nature of the injuries among the terrorists who were at the site of a depot containing mortars to the north of the village of Ram Hamdan in the northeastern countryside of Idlib, some of the terrorists’ propaganda outlets said the toll is 20 between killed and injured. The explosion took place while Turkish army officers were training the terrorists on handling mortar bombs.

The following video contains ugly footage of some of the killed terrorists you really better not watch unless it is for academic research, the video was circulated by their brothers in terrorism:

Despite the media blackout enforced, the news of the explosion and the number of casualties couldn’t be hidden especially where the terrorists are not welcomed by the locals.

The site is under the control of the so-called HTS, an offshoot of the Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant which itself is an offshoot of the main Al Qaeda terrorist group created by the United States in Afghanistan, the killed terrorists are believed to be members of this group fighting to crown the Turkish madman as the neo-Ottoman sultan. Erdogan’s war ministry did not report whether any of the Turkish officers were killed in this explosion.

Explosions in warehouses like this are common as the terrorists stash the large quantities of weapons and munition granted to them by western taxpayers and by the Gulfies, many reasons contribute to these explosions like poor storage conditions, lack of experience among the terrorists, Turkish army officers giving the training, infighting with other terrorist groups, and direct bombing by the Syrian and Russian forces.

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  1. Miri

    It is surprising to see the savages treating even their dead with dignity, after witnessing the barrage of depraved, sadistic, callous, and necrophiliac activities these demons have demonstrated in various emotional war pornography shoots of kidnapped, slaughtered, stripped naked, made-up corpses (including at least two infants surgically removed from their mothers’ wombs).

    Some counterpoint, here:


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