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Adra: 1200 Pre-fab Housing Units Being Prepared for Displaced Syrians

Inside a shelter house provided by the Syrian government in Damascus Countryside

While the self-proclaimed ‘international community’ whine about the 4 million disputed figure of Syrian refugees outside Syria trying to influence their political stance against their own government abusing their need for help, they, NGOs and even the UN itself intentionally ignore the internally displaced over 6 million Syrians and their daily suffering.

The Syrian government, silently and no clue why not shouting out loud, took on its shoulders as part of its repsonsibilities to provide safe shelters, food, schooling, health aid and allowances to the internally displaced Syrians.

Inside a shelter house provided by the Syrian government in Damascus Countryside
Inside a shelter house provided by the Syrian gov. in Damascus Countryside

Hundreds of shelters were prepared for the displaced, schools, public buildings, mosques and churches, and other centers all over the country. A fact that nobody knows that Al-Eman Mosque in Damascus, where an Obama Regime sponsored Wahhabi suicide bomber blew himself up inside killing martyr top Muslim scholar Muhammad Saeed Ramadan Al Bouti and 52 of his students, the same mosque sheltered twelve displaced families in its basement.

Damascus Countryside province itself hosts around 160,000 families registered with the governorate and receive the aid on daily bases.

International organizations yet to fulfill their promises in providing some support for these refugees whom the Syrian government and local charity houses and individuals provide around 70,000 food baskets each 2 months, which is half of the needed..

Mr. Rateb Adas, Damascus Countryside deputy governor stated in an interview with Syrian based Aliqtisadi website that the governorate is preparing 1,200 pre-built, ready made, housing units in Adra city on a 150 acres land set for the project to provide shelter for displaced families from Homs and Damascus Countryside.

Mr. Adas added that his governorate managed to prepare 100,000 school bags with all stationery and school needs and was able to distribute 50,000 of it so far, due to a number of obstacles, one of which are Obama Regime’s cavemen thugs aka FSA or Nusra Front or ISIS or whatever you like, targeting anything opposing their illiteracy and ignorance.

In case you didn’t know, Syria’s population before the crisis was about 24 million, 4 million of them were forced to leave their country and are automatically considered by western propagandists as all of them against the Syrian government, while the other 20 million remained inside Syria and should be considered as supporting their government in the same western propagandists context.

And in case you didn’t know, Syria received over 1.2 million Iraqis who escaped George W. Bush ‘democratizing’ of their country in 2003 and provided them with all life necessities without complaining. Syria also received waves of Palestinians totaling more than 600,000 since 1948 who escaped the massacres of the Haganah and Irgun criminal gangs which turned later into what’s called IDF or Israel Defense Forces which was never on the defense since establishment and was more brutal than Al Qaeda themselves. Syria also received waves of tens of thousands of Lebanese refugees escaping Israeli attacks since 1978 and other waves since 1975 when the Lebanese civil war erupted, and never complained. Syria also received thousands of Armenians, Chechen, Yemenis, Sudanese, and from almost each country in the ‘old world’ who escaped the brutality of invading or occupying empires, and never complained.

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  1. Norma

    Hi do u know of any websites where I can read more about this organization that helps the Syrian people and houses them? I have been wanting to help myself but don’t know where to start looking or who to contact? Thanks

  2. AH

    Even before the conflict in Syria, we (friends from work) would support displaced, orphaned or refugee (Iraqi) children at the “SOS-Children-Village at the northwestern outskirts of Damascus. Contact address can be found at this international website:
    I have several times visited the place in Syria prior to conflict and they did a great job there. I am sure they are in desperate need now, too. Thanks for your efforts!


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